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  1. Hi Team SickKids!! It has been so exciting to see the incredible determination and individual contributions of every one of you. We have launched Toronto's VERY FIRST Extra Life Guild and have seen it grow over the course of two years. Thank you for being you!! I have an announcement in regard to a change at SickKids Foundation, which shouldn't impact any of the great things that you are doing! It is with very mixed emotions to say that you will have a new contact at SickKids for Extra Life. Her name is Janet Bye and she is on our SickKids Foundation Events team. She will be an incredible resource for you guys and has tons of experience in events and Peer-To-Peer fundraising. Her e-mail address is - feel free to say hi! If you're wondering where I'm going, I've accepted a new marketing role for the Toronto Blue Jays starting on Monday (GO JAYS!) Unfortunately it was a very quick turnaround and I sincerely apologize I couldn't announce this in person to you. I will miss SickKids and you guys very very much. However, I have total confidence that you will keep doing the AMAZING work that you are and will love Janet! I will still be around and will definitely join for Game Day 2018 to play and help raise $$ for SickKids together!! My friends - thank you so much for all that you continue to do each and every day!! All the best, Tara Oliphant
  2. Hey guys!! If you have time before tonight's meeting, check out these ads we put up on IGN! There's a 15 second ad before videos (which will look like familiar content from EGLX!) as well as banners around the website that say "Rescuing Princess Can Save Real Kids" and then flip to Extra Life. If you click around on the site for a few minutes you should see these! It's a new thing we're trying!
  3. SickKids_Tara

    Fall 2017

    Hi everyone! SickKids has some very exciting things coming up this fall. I'll be posting all of the videos and material here! Starting off with this Ryan Reynolds video!!! As some of you might know, he had a young friend named Grace who passed away from cancer at the hospital. Since then he has been doing everything he can to help us fund the fight. Check it out:
  4. Hey everyone! Does anyone have a connection to VanossGaming (Toronto native Evan Fong)? I'm hoping to reach out to him to see if he wants to jump on board for our cause but wanted to see if any of you have a connection first. Thanks!!
  5. Hey Team SickKids! A friendly reminder to swing by Dundas Square between 4-6pm tonight to check out the new SickKids VS brand campaign! You will have a chance to see yourself on the big screen, participate in some cool activities, and learn about the new brand. Hope to see you there!
  6. We are at 962 participants who are gaming for SickKids!! FANTASTIC! Let's try to tip over the 1000 mark by the end of the you think we can do it? If everyone can recruit 5 new gamers each this week I bet we can!! (photo source:
  7. Hey guys!! We have a question for you! We want to know where we can recruit new passionate Extra Lifers like yourself and I'm planning on doing some outreach from SickKids next week: - Who are the YouTubers you watch? - What magazines or websites do you read regularly? - Are there blogs you read and follow? - Any other ideas for who I can reach out to for raising awareness about Extra Life game day? Thank you!! Tara
  8. Hey everyone! Just in case you missed it, we launched a new brand campaign this weekend! Please post any thoughts or ideas you have here. I think the new feel will fit great with Extra Life and your guild's mission! SickKids VS Anthem – our 2 min commercial PR: Coverage in The Star (includes Anthem link): PR: Coverage in The Globe: There will also be a SickKids domination of Yonge-Dundas Square on October 26th between 4-6pm if you can come check it out! You will also notice 3 TTC Streetcar dominations. There will be three more commercials released between now and January 2017 to bring more story-telling to the campaign. Keep up your recruitment and fundraising for these amazing little fighters!
  9. We are getting close to 800 participants for SickKids - keep it up guys! Also for those of you who haven't heard of thunderclap, it is the first crowd-speaking platform that helps people be heard by saying something together. By supporters donating a Facebook post or Tweet with a unified Extra Life message, we will create a wave of attention to help sick and injured children by playing games! Donate a post by going to Thunderclap will automatically share the message on October 21, 2016 at 10pm EDT on your behalf - no need to worry about logging in to post! We are trying to get as many Extra Lifers around the world as possible to join this movement
  10. Hey @mnra would you mind posting the electronic version of the poster here? I'd love to see it and great initiative!
  11. Hey Team SickKids!! We are only 35 days away from November 5th Game Day! We currently have 713 participants signed up to play for SickKids! Congrats!! We are about half way to our goal for this year so let's see if we can do a big push this weekend. Here is our weekend challenge for each of you!! - Post about Extra Life on social media pages beyond your own. For instance, feel free to raise awareness in gaming related Facebook groups you have already joined! - Get three friends or family members to sign up tonight - Look up mini events that you can raise awareness about Extra Life through the month of October. Find a guild buddy to go with you and put it in your calendars! Any other ideas for getting more people involved this year? Please post them here!!
  12. Anyone else hear about this new e-sports bar downtown? Let's think of how we can engage the venue and its gamers in Extra Life! (not sure if through an event or if there is another possibility)
  13. HUGE thank you to everyone who volunteered their time this weekend!!!! Congratulations on a successful Fan Expo 2016!
  14. Hey guys! In re: to September 11, I am just waiting on some final confirmation from the hospital will have full details available by mid-week! In the meantime, please save 2-5pm for time at the hospital
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