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  1. Sorry for the lack of information. As Aileen said, we haven't been able to finalize details on our next meeting. We were discussing doing a google hangout again. If attending an in-person meeting is a challenge for many we may do more online discussion. After all, Toronto spans a larger area than many other guilds so thats a relatively unique problem we have. You should certainly keep the feedback coming though. We want to hear everybody's feedback and the more voices we have involved, the better! We've heard from a couple of other members that they're far out of the downtown core but finding a meeting place and times that work for everyone can be tricky if not impossible. If online meetings are the solution then we'll go that route, and have in-person hangouts on the side so we can socialize. We also haven't had much to update on since our last guild meeting. There is a lot waiting on email back-and-forth and a lot of people have been distracted by E3. We hear you loud and clear though. We're still a fairly new guild and we'll prioritize sorting out better communication and make sure you're all in the loop. Apologies for neglecting to send out minutes from our previous meeting too. I'll sort that out too. I'm not sure how it got neglected.
  2. I've streamed a bit but after a few tech issues i never started back up. Solved my problems and got a new desk so I ought to get back into it soon.
  3. Rajio

    Thank you!

    We're "Toronno" ... so ... EVERYONE!
  4. Shame our guild wasn't ready in tome for this. Thanks anyway Kyle!
  5. Toronto getting a guild is a big news, but bigger news is Edmonton being not far behind us. GAME ON!
  6. Rajio

    Thank you!

    Goal #1: establish dominance over Edmonton.
  7. Hi Everyone. Good to meet more local Extra Lifers last night at the meeting. Looking forward to the guild... we'll be able to do even more together! About me: I'm a sick kids kid and I've been doing Extra life for many years now. I think since 2010 but my memory is hazy after all these years. I've run a bunch of fundraisers over the years and been part of many organizations and communities, specializing in driving engagement. I currently run delayofgame.ca (where you are all welcome) and was the Xbox community manager for several years for example. I continue working in the gaming industry and love seeing how enthusiastic to get involved in good causes other gamers are.
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