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  1. The show was certainly bigger than I had expected. Hoping that it grows.
  2. until

    Unfortunately I can't attend, but I still want to say congrats and welcome to president Raj Patel, VP Erin Dupuis and secretary Aileen Jia. Give it your all!
  3. Great, considering my schedule just devoured me in the 6 minutes since I posted. I won't be able to be online for the meeting. Is what is when you run a business.
  4. Awesome! Looks like we're on our way with this. I can be present for the meeting until about 7:15. Hopefully we can wrap up the first four points before that. I've already made myself known for volunteering for EGLX. Will there be minutes taken for this meeting for those who can't attend?
  5. I should also ask if we get passes if we're doing EL work or is pass acquisition up to us individually.
  6. Will our guild be needed for staffing?
  7. It'll be a new experience for me
  8. Great work! Tinkering for the first time with your PC's guts can be a but nerve-wracking but once you get over that hump, you discover the joy in it.
  9. I'm pretty new to the whole Twitch thing, but I'm interested in getting started and possibly raising some money with it in the future. I'm between PCs at the moment, so I'll be buying a Playstation Eye so I can make my PS4 streaming a bit more presentable. When I get a proper PC built I'll go to the streaming section of the EL forums and soak up all that wisdom. To start I'll be streaming Overwatch and No Man's Sky when they come out. Anyone else here streaming?
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    I hope we have our officers in place before this event. I'd hate to see it pass us by. :/
  11. Exactly. I understand the general idea that if heat rises, it would be best to push it out from the top. However, just sticking a huge open fan there is not the way to go.
  12. That's pretty cool. I had a case like that and I'm not sure I'd buy another with a huge top fan. What's your impression?
  13. That sounds pretty solid. The last case I bought (Altec-Lansing quite a few years back. The one with the massive fan on top) did an OK job of managing cables, but I think cases have improved quite a bit since I built that thing.
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    I'm willing to man the booth on April 30th and May 1st.
  15. Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Hamilton, London and Halifax. They will all learn that Toronto is the true centre of the universe. >:)
  16. YES. Rivalries are always good. We can take on Ottawa as well! What other Canadian guilds can dominate?
  17. I'd certainly be interested.
  18. Nope, but because I was so let down with the game's plot, I wrote a story set in the Destiny world.
  19. I tried a Rift at PAX last year. Surprisingly enjoyable.
  20. PsycheDiver. I'll be playing a fair bit of Overwatch in the future so hopefully some 24h charity marathons will happen.
  21. By far my favourite PS2 titles were the .hack//G.U. series. Amazing art style, character development and gameplay. I can't wait for CC2 to announce their next project now that they're done making Naruto fighting games, and I'm hoping that .hack will be streamable soon.
  22. Now that I'm joining the Extra Life community, I suppose it's a good excuse to rebuild my PC. Share pics of your rigs, setups, build stories and advice~!
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