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  1. It would depend on the time of the meeting wether a weekend would work for me. I work every weekend, but usually I get out around 7 on Sundays, so that would be best for me. Where it is doesn't matter as long as it is TTC accessible.
  2. Ashall

    Swag Ideas

    Oooo, I'm liking Options 4 an 5 for the t-shirt. Though I'd probably only wear the t-shirt with a hoodie or something on my back, so I'm thinking just Option 4. As for the hoodie, I agree with the design of Option 11 on the gray sweater of Option 12.
  3. Yeah, I'm on the mailing list already. I'll be watching for it.
  4. Eager to know what went down at the meeting, I couldn't make it due to work, I probably won't get to a meeting until September if they're on Thursdays I'm very much willing to help out if we manage to get a booth for the Nintendo Tour, I'm free that Saturday (July 30th) all day and happy to help!
  5. @TheBigBoldLlama Just the first. I haven't gotten Bravely Second yet, but I feel like it'll be good.
  6. Little bit of Bravely Default and maybe some Donkey Kong Country 2.
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