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  1. Thanks for joining, Chris(Poorscythe)! You and friends are invited to our open invitationals this coming Wednesday(June 1st) and Saturday(June 4th)! Please check up on the forums calendar for more dates in the future!
  2. Despite being a newly formed guild, I'd like to extend our thanks from Buffalo to all the work Rick has done with Extra Life. I'm very excited to see what news comes out tomorrow and I'm more than willing to help out with anything I can. Glad to see you and Liz take on more responsibilities, but don't forget you have us as well!
  3. Hey Guild! Here's the TL;DG(too late; didn't go) of the topics we covered at our open guild meeting. Narrow down ideas for Guild Logo Reach out to small businesses to get involved Reach out to other gaming communities to get involved Wednesday, June 1st @ Rocky's starting at 6:00pm Open Guild Social Event! Saturday, June 4th @ Pulp 716 from 1:00pm - 9:00pm Guild Recruiting Event! Plan for upcoming conventions (Nickel City Con, Fan World) That's just about it! Thanks again EVERYONE who came out! Stay posted for the next scheduled meeting and remember to bring your friends!
  4. My name is Ryan, VP of Extra Life in Buffalo. I was writing to see if you guys would like to team up in coordinating together for Fan World, August 26th - 28th. Fan World is a fun nerdy convention that will take place on both United States and Canadian sides of Niagara Falls. I'm talking to the convention directors about availability and such now, but wanted to reach out to you and see if you'd like to do something together! Charity events, tournaments, panels or anything else. Just an idea to get people signed up! All the best!
  5. I'd support this new project for sure, though I wasn't the biggest fan of The Division. I was really hoping for a new survival horror type of game, since that market is so shallow. Regardless, I'm excited to see this new title!
  6. Hey Guild! Here's the TL;DG (too late; didn't go) of the topics we covered at our Leadership meeting. Finalizing Guild Logo Upcoming calander events/sign-up and promo events Local convention attendance Promotional Ideas Flyers / Business cards - Priority! Extra Life video! Recruiting! Invite people to the open meetings! get more involved on the forums Stock e-mail for reaching out to sponsors/radio/media Oogie Games Eastern Hills Mall – Monday, May 23rd 6:00pm - 8:00pm <OPEN GUILD MEETING> Rocky’s Big City Games – Wednesday June 1st TBD <SOCIAL MEET UP> Pulp 716 – Saturday, June 4th 1:30pm – 8:30pm <RECRUITMENT EVENT> That's pretty much it! I've attached the full notes taken by Michael for anyone interested in reading up on them. Until next time! Extra Life Guild Leadership Meeting 5-16.docx
  7. There's lots of reasons why I've got myself involved in charity work and Extra Life. Growing up, I never had to experience a disability or serious illness. I had friends in school with special needs, learning disabilities, etc., but I never knew what it was like. It kept me grounded and grateful for the things I have. Since high school, I've always participated in clubs that included the students with special needs. Because they're like anyone else. They want friends and they want to be part of a group. I think that's why I've been a big supporter for Extra Life. Gaming just brings people together regardless of age, gender, race, etc. Since getting approved for our own Extra Life community here in Buffalo, NY, I'm dedicated to do even more for our community. It's what I love.
  8. Thank you EVERYONE for pitching in! Our first meeting is in a couple of days and I'm extremely excited to get started!
  9. Hey fellow guild members! My name is Ryan, Vice President of the newly formed Guild in Buffalo, NY. I wanted to get some pointers from you guys and girls, members or leaders, on what works for you, what hasn't, what tools/supplies you utilize to keep you organized and prepared, mobile apps, etc. I take pride in being responsible for a leadership position and want to do the best I can to represent the community. Also, how to hold productive and effective meetings. Our first official meeting will be in a couple of days, so any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all so much!
  10. I do have some contacts, I just sent a few emails out. I have off that Friday, So I can at least set up the table and work there all day. I can also train any volunteer there about who we are and how to get on board. I've put together bigger events with less time, so I don't feel it's impossible
  11. Hey everyone! First off, I want to thank the community for trusting in me to lead as Vice President of the Buffalo Guild. It's an honor, a privilege and something I'm extremely passionate in. It's my job to help give the community direction, bring people together, help expand our ideas and raise awareness. That being said, I want to get something set up for next week's local UB Con. It will run from April 15th - 17th at the SUNY University at Buffalo North Campus. Last year, they had about 2,000 in attendance and I feel like it would be a good place to start. Even if we can just get a table and print out some information about who we are and what our goal is. If it's too soon to make something happen, it's understandable. We should meet up soon about future plans and will bring up some more things at the manager's meeting next week Tuesday. Thanks again and any questions or feedback are more than welcome!
  12. Hey everyone! Ryan here and I'm super excited to be a part of the community! I'm mostly involved with the cosplay community all over the US and Canada. I've helped strengthen the cosplay community here in Buffalo and have helped plan some of the bigger conventions here. Outside of Buffalo, I've helped bridge the gap between game developers and their customers by organizing after party events where gamers and developers can talk at a face to face level. I'm extremely passionate about charity and have been involved with several fundraising projects last year with the Women's and Children's Hospital. This will be my 3rd year participating with Extra Life and I look forward to help this community grow as much as possible!
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