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  1. until
    As you can tell, our monthly meeting won't be held on the third Thursday since we want to hash over the last few details for Fan Expo and have all the decisions and work cemented in to place. For this month, we'll meet at our usual hangout place, but we are still looking for new venues so we can reach other members who don't live in the downtown Toronto core. Hope to see you there!
  2. @FoxRacingGurl I totally agree with you. So I'm going to put an updated topic post
  3. Hi all! Before I make a post about what we are hoping to discuss for the August meeting (which is 99.9% Fan Expo), I'm looking to see if anyone has any ideas for a change of venue. From the previous meeting, we asked if you would prefer to move the meetings to a weekend, specifically around an early afternoon. We're also wondering if there was an interest in moving the meeting location closer to the end TTC stations like Yorkdale or Finch. While we haven't gotten much response, it was a good idea to start looking for alternative spaces for the future. I've been contacted a few, but I haven't gotten much luck. Do you guys have a place in mind? Even if I may have contacted the ones you might mention, but you have a contact on the inside, you'll have an upper hand If not, then we'll stick with 401 Games at Yonge&Wellesley for this month on a Thursday evening. So give us a shout with your ideas, please and thanks! <3 UPDATE: We're going to stick with the usual Thursdays for this month only as the weekends are packed for other activities and events. So the meeting will take place at the usual 401 Games on Thursday, August 25th at 7:00 PM. As you guys can probably guess, we'll be going over the last few details for Fan Expo and what to expect after the summer. So check out the event page and RSVP!
  4. We can definitely try! We can see if we can meld both the Tabletop weekend into our pre-Game day event. Seeing as this event runs the whole weekend versus pre-Game Day is just the one day in September, we can stagger it if people are interested. This is definitely something we can bring up during our next monthly meeting and get a signup going. It's great that you're interested!
  5. JULY 21ST, 2016 – MONTHLY MEETING MINUTES FAN EXPO 2016: While we are still processing whatever official documentation, etc that we need to do with Fan Expo, We have several things we need to get done within the next 2 weeks: - Gather whatever prizes or incentives that we can from our sponsors. This means anyone from the smaller independent businesses to our more corporate ones like Microsoft. We are looking to do tiered prizes and smaller giveaways for participation appreciation. If you have a connection to someone, it doesn’t matter if we’ve worked with them before or not, please let us know so we can start bugging them and getting our resources in. - We plan on having 2 tables on the floor in the main exhibition hall. Preferably close to EB games and Ubisoft. One table will be our general information and motivation for people to sign up for Extra Life. This will include a TV that will play a playlist of informational videos about who we are, and some promotional tear-jerker/gung-ho type videos that show off what we have done and why SickKids is so important to us. The other table will be the Mario Block photo op and a gaming station where we can hold our competitions and hand out prizes etc. o Our booth will have certain resources given to us, but we are looking to see who can lend us the TV’s/consoles/charging stations etc. Security will be no problem there as everything is heavily monitored and under lock and key. - During the event we also hope to have a “How SickKids helped me” wall, where Extra Life members and the general public can write how SickKids has influenced their life or the lives of their loved ones. We hope to do some video promo of it so we would like to have people with camera experience to take some video shots/interviews with people who are sharing their story. - Thanks to Pokemon Go, we’d also like to have a ‘Nurse Joy’ station for cosplayers. This is a nod to last year’s Extra Life booth where they had a first aid station set up. Instead, we’d like to do a cosplay first aid station instead. If you need a helping hand with your Cosplay, please visit us so long as you give us a social media shout out. - Also, we need to start talking to social media influencers on if they are willing to give Extra Life some promo or even have some photo ops at our booth. ESPECIALLY since Rooster Teeth is confirmed to be at Fan Expo this year. If anyone’s a sponsor or has a twitter account that interacts with Rooster We would love to have them show up at our booth for a quick moment or two for a quick photo op. Not only that, if you know any local Kickstarters that want to have their swag or games given a spotlight, let us know and we’ll see how we can both benefit each other. - VOLUNTEERS NEEDED. We need a lot, a LOT of volunteers for this event for all 5 days. Those days include the set-up on Wednesday afternoon till evening and Sunday from 5 till late evening. We are hoping to have 15 volunteers in total since we don’t want too much burnout for our volunteers during their shifts. They will be 5 hours shifts with 2-3 people at the tables, one person walking the main exhibition floor and 2 people at the other exhibition floor where they do autographs (south building). So this means all of our volunteers will have a chance to walk the floors and see the convention, just not the panels (sorry). - Again, apart from the volunteers, we have a lot of things we need to get done in the next 2 weeks. So let’s all pull together and make sure that we leave an awesome mark on Fan Expo. YOUR CURRENT LOCATION: since we know that everyone is spread out, we are looking for ways to have everyone come to a meeting every so often. - We are planning to move our monthly meetings to a weekend. We’re thinking of still doing the 3rd of every month, but let us know if you prefer to have it on a Saturday or a Sunday instead. - During our meetings, we are going to do a google hangout for those who can’t meet us in person. We’re just debating if we should do 2 meetings instead. One google hangout to discuss logistics and the more boring topics, another as a social hangout/casual meet up so we at least are able to get to know each other. - We’ve just added an Extra Life Toronto Facebook group! It is a closed group however and it only serves as a way to reach our members for more instant notifications. However, please do continue to use the forums as we will as well. That way we can still broadcast to the rest of Extra Life what we have been planning/doing. Check us out on Facebook as Extra Life Toronto and make a request to join! When you do, please send us a quick message on the forums here or via along with your Extra Life handle so we know who you are! - We are looking into meeting places that are closer to the edges of the TTC like Yorkdale or Finch. We’ll set up a poll on FB in the next week to see which stops you would prefer over the other. SWAGALICIOUS: We’ve got some stuff in the works right now. We’ve got a set of t-shirts, hoodies and customized Extra Life dice! We’ll be posting them over in the swag and t-shirt forum HERE in the next couple of days. Please check it out. We’ve also got some ideas that include buttons, stickers/decals, phone cases and (crossing my fingers here) some controller skins. Some of these we hope to use as promo tools for our Guild vs others like that cases and controller skins we think will be nice mementos for the Guild members to buy on their own. - Side note: we are aware the Extra Life is looking to setup an online store. However, there is a concern that this would be for our U.S. neighbors. If they set up one for us northerners, we either hope to have Toronto-specific swag or just flood the Canadian store page with only Toronto swag >D MISSISSAUGA PEEPS: Again, let us know if you live in this area. City of Mississauga has been very kind to let us participate in their cultural/community events at their Celebration Square (their version of Nathan Phillips). Microsoft Square One were also the ones to organize this contact for us and would like us to participate in their community events in Mississauga. If anyone lives in this area and would love to participate with them and the City, let us know! NINTENDO SUMMER TOUR & LEAGUE OF LEGENDS CHAMPIONSHIP: - Nintendo has proven themselves to be a crafty opponent. It’s been a bit difficult trying to get a hold of them, so we’re thinking of crashing one of their Summer Tour days. We’re looking to drop 2 people into one of those days (especially if you’re planning on going anyways) just wearing a SickKids shirt + lanyard until they wonder what the hell you’re trying to do. Guilt them into helping the kids through Extra Life, get us a contact, and we’ll do the rest - North American League of Legends Championship Finals is being held at the Air Canada Centre in August. We’d like to know who’s attending this event, or if they know anyone who is. They are known for being extremely close knit and aren’t fond of outsiders. We’d still like to know their twitch partners/youtub-ers though. So if anyone is going in person to this unfortunately sold out event, let us know so we can prep you on how to infiltrate their stronghold. SEPTEMBER BONANZA: We can finally announce 2 Extra Life specific events! Mark your Calendar folks! 1. Appreciation Day at SickKids: Please visit us on Sunday, September 11th at SickKids at SickKids Hospital in the main Atrium. We will be hosting our Get-Ready-for-Game-Day meeting and having Hospital Tours for both our Extra Life members and our Sponsors. There will be food for you guys while the others frolic away in SickKids. This is a great opportunity to see where your hard work goes and to meet some of the people that your work is saving day-by-day. Event details are still being hashed out as we do want to respect the patient’s privacy as much as possible and trying not to keep the staff and health care providers too caught up in our enthusiasm! 2. Pre-Game Day Marathon: This will be held on Sunday, September 18th through SickKids and a third party member. They’ve been working so hard for Extra Life behind the scenes to get this pre-Game Day Marathon ready. Think of it as a trial run for how we are planning our Game Day marathon in November. So please keep this day open for some live streaming fun! We’re trying out some new interactive ideas for our streaming sessions, along with seeing how many people want to be a part of the Toronto Guild streaming team! Again, keep your eyes open for further details! YOUR IDEAS: We had an amazing turnout this weekend and we want to thank you guys for being a part of the planning! Here were some miscellaneous ideas/plans that popped up that we would love to work on! - Promoting Extra Life and its events in the Toronto subreddit. - Meeting other social media infuencers at certain events such as Youtube FanFest and Youtube Space Toronto. - Getting in touch with the local app and program developers. - For certain events, we’d like to see if there are buy-in options for our Sponsors. We want Extra Life Toronto to be dripping in corporate cash. - Extra Life Toronto would love to be sponsored for some our streams. For example, running Lego Batman/Star Wars Rogue One trailers while playing their games. - Certain game day events/promo videos at SickKids. We would love to hold interviews and moments with the health care staff at SickKids while they play games. Having the doctors/surgeons play Operation or Surgeon Simulator would be an amazing way to promo our Guild and the work that we do. We are not including current patients of SickKids to participate, but there are amazing patient ambassadors who are previous patients who spread their story and their bravery to the wider community. Again, thanks to everyone who showed up to the meeting. As you can tell we got a lot of things covered! Including some events that we are hoping to join in October like EVE Online! Please share your ideas suggestions in the forum here! We'll be throwing the swag images over the next couple of days in the forum and an email will be sent out within the week as well!
  6. AJia

    Celebrate Pokémon Go

    Just saw Extra Life post this on their facebook feed: Extra Life Pokewalks with Kids What an amazing idea from the Albany Guild and it's awesome that it was such a success! We'll definitely bring it up during the Guild Meeting because even if we can't do walks it'll be amazing to host an event + lures at SickKids like @GravenTheRed mentioned. We can turn it into a mini fundraising/promo event or a fun activity for the family&friends of SickKids.
  7. Pokémon Go is here! We're going to add it to our agenda for the meeting because we think that it's a great way to get the Guild to come out together and know their fellow members! It's also a great way to get people to walk aimlessly around with you and create a nice buffer if you crash into something. Check out the new forum topic and throw some ideas our way! <3
  8. It's here! It's finally here!! Pokémon Go has finally dropped in Canada! All you need to do now is grab your friends, colleagues and random passerby's to join you in the hunt. However, to make it just a bit easier, we're thinking that if you want to get to know your fellow Guild members than what better way than getting lost together with Pokémon Go? We'll discuss the finer details during the Monthly Meeting (please visit the forum HERE or the event link HERE for more info), but we'd love to hear from you! Should we do a quick hangout during the weeks just to visit and catch some Abras? Or should be figure out which team everyone is in and have some friendly turf wars? I can't wait to hear what sort of Poké -adventures you guys would like to do with Extra Life!
  9. We'll be meeting at 7:00 PM at 401 Games Here's the event link as well:
  10. @mnra You bring up a good point though. If we don't hear back from them, we can easily hunt them down at the first event and put something together really quickly for the other dates. Another reason why we should figure out who's where in the GTA. Especially since Mississauga is open to Extra Life peeps.
  11. Hi there! We can finally go ahead with some of the events and news that have been cooking in the background! So we'll have some solid facts and dates that we can share with the Guild and start preparing for some fun! We'll be meeting again at 401 Games at 518 Yonge St in downtown Toronto at 7:00 PM. It is south of Yonge & Wellesley and it is a 1 minute walk south of Wellesley station. However, if this location is too much of an inconvenience for you, please let us know and we'll try to see where and who may be a better fit. Suggestions would be lovely! Here are some of the things that we are going to address: Fan Expo 2016 - Managed to get lucky and finally got a hold of them. In fact, I am literally on hold with them on the phone right now as I type this out. We are going to start asking for volunteers now and we need a lot willing helpers for this weekend. Especially since the event runs from September 1-4. That includes the set up and tear down, so we'll need extra volunteers for August 31st and late evening for September 4th. Think of it this way, you get first dibs before the actual convention-ers on the 31st and you can demand a steep discount when all the convention-ers leave on the last day. We'd also like to discuss the ideas that we have for the event, and what you would like seen/done at the booth to increase our cool factor. Your current location - There are a lot of you spread out around the GTA area and we know it is difficult for everyone to be meeting downtown all the time. Please let us know what part of the GTA is the most convenient for you. This way we know how to spread our meetings around and also what events are more accessible for you. Swag, swag, swag - We have been planning some epic Extra Life swag. We're looking into some shirts, buttons, and lanyards for the near future. Erin has also wrangled the other Guilds together to try and get customized Extra Life dice. We would also love to hear from you as to what we can also try to put together for our Extra Life members for their own personal keepsakes and what we can come up with to hand out to the public. Celebration Square at Mississauga - So far we are still discussing Extra Life's involvement at whatever events Mississauga would like to hold for its community. We were invited alongside Microsoft, so be sure to be extra nice to the guys at the Microsoft Square One store since they're the ones who got us in If you happen to live in the Mississauga area, or tend to enjoy events there, please let us know or give us a heads up at the meeting. Nintendo Summer Tour & N.A. League of Legends Championship Finals - Both of these events are awesome opportunities to show off Extra Life, and make some connections. Thanks to @mnra for giving us the heads up. Unfortunately, getting a hold of both of these guys has turned out to be a nightmare. The LCS crew for League of Legends especially. If anyone has any insight as to how we can knock on their door, please let us know! September - We have a several Extra Life specific events that are being planned for September. These are not volunteer events, so don't worry about us working you to the bone. However, these are pretty important events/meetings that leads up to our marathon and we would love to discuss them with whoever shows at the upcoming meeting. More importantly, they're going to be crazy fun! So as you can see we have a lot to cover, but at least we have an idea as to how the next couple of months are going to look. We are also trying to guess-timate the number of people that would like to participate in the collective Toronto marathon come November. We have some locations planned, but it comes down to how many people want to attend and how much can we pool into the space so that we don't starve everyone to death. Hope to see some of you on the 21st! Please come share your ideas or your questions for us! Once we've had the meeting, we'll reveal our Fan Expo strategy, the September events and maybe even the Extra Life dice on this forum the Friday after. Aileen
  12. So far, we're discussing if there is a need for a meeting for this month. Seeing as we're still waiting on Fan Expo to reply to us and the other venues don't have anything else for us, there's nothing new that we can give to the Guild. We also want to make sure that these events are worth our while and that they won't be given to us in the last minute. Especially since we know we'll have low participation and to make sure that the same people who are consistent with volunteering won't burn out. We want to have definite confirmed plans and events before we call a meeting or even a hangout so we don't repeat what's been said for the last several months. As for the minutes, we haven't sent that out because we wanted to have definitive numbers and results instead of 'what ifs' along with the new logo. So we apologize that they haven't been sent out, and we will get on that.
  13. Guild meeting event is posted! Please RSVP
  14. AJia

    Guild Meeting - May

    As per usual, it's time for our monthly meeting! If you have been following the forums or getting our emails, our monthly meetings will be held on the third Thursday of every month. May is here, along with the sun and they are shoving Anime North in our face. So we will be focusing most of our attention on Anime North and how we can apply whatever we learned at EGLX to make sure we are even more successful at a larger con. Please RSVP for this event as there is limited space at the current location. If there is a larger than expected amount of people, then I will make arrangements to a larger venue. We will be meeting at 401 Games on Yonge St. Which is just down the road from Wellesley Station. Hope to see you all there
  15. Hi everyone! Just wanted to say a quick thanks to all of our EGLX volunteers! You all worked super hard and we're so appreciative of all the dedication and energy you delivered! So hugs all around! This is just a quick post before I make a more formal one to let everyone know that we will be having our monthly Guild Meeting on Thursday, May 19th at 6:30 p.m. Location is TBD currently, but all the info will be listed here on the forum and an event by the end of this week. Please put this in your calendars as well: we are looking to have all of our monthly meetings occur on the 3rd Thursday of every month. If you have any concerns about this, please raise it during this month's gathering.
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