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  1. This just in. We have officially gotten a table for the char con bonus round at the end of the month in Flatwoods. Any volunteers on coming out to work it? Me and Eric will be there, do I have any others interested?
  2. Hello everyone! If anyone has any connections and/or idea's on any recruitment opportunities then please post them here! If you are having a LAN party, convention, work at a radio station or anything else then please contact me so we can make arrangements to be there. -Powerfists
  3. Hello everyone. my name is Josh AKA Powerfists. I am from Oak Hill Wv, and I am the Vice President of the Extra Life West Virginia Guild! It is nice to meet all of you and I look forward to working with Andrew in order to get our recruitment levels to a maximum this year! If you need anything or have any ideas please contact me or Andrew! - Powerfists
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