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  1. Seconded, been wanting a "super team" for the guilds since the minute I knew the guild system was a thing. It would just make so much more sense! Hope the beta test is successful.
  2. Hey Freddy, glad to see you post here! I'm getting an e-mail together for our next guild meeting to send to anyone we have on our e-mail list. In case I don't have your e-mail, though, it's going to be Wednesday, September 27th at Oogie Games Eastern Hills @ 6:30 PM. I'll also be making a guild calendar event, so we hope to meet you and see you there! Also, please browse through some of our guild posts, there's a post devoted to sharing gamertag info in case you ever wanted to game with any of us. We're all open to accepting Steam and Xbox Live friends.
  3. What's up Cookie! Welcome man, glad you posted and I look forward to getting to know you. If you want, we started a thread where we have shared our different usernames or gamertags, feel free to hit that up or reach out to anyone who has posted in there. Hopefully catch you at our next meeting!
  4. Shawn, that's awesome to read, and definitely something I'll bring back to our board to give a shot. Con season is coming to a close around here, but this will be a great way to approach next summer and hopefully we'll have some success. Thanks so much for getting back to me, and best of luck with your fundraising.
  5. Good Morning Everyone! We have the dates on several events coming up, and we need some volunteers. Please look these over and PM Jamie (@StandardDamage) if you can help! Wingfest Sat 9/3 - Sun 9/4 - Coca-Cola Field: We secured a last-minute spot at Wingfest fortomorrow and Sunday located in the OOgie tent in the Kids Zone at Wingfest. We could use as many volunteers as possible, as we'll have a lot of exposure (the turnout is generally several thousand people. Please let us know ASAP! American Heart Association Walk, Sat 9/10, 7:30am - 1:30pm: We coordinated to run the recharging station for the American Heart Association walk (Oogie is doing a Pokemon Go Component). We need two volunteers to run the recharging station for a couple of hours. You'll mainly be handing out pamphlets and recruiting as people approach the table. Queen City Conquest, Friday 9/9 12:00pm to Sunday 9/11 6pm - Buffalo Convention Center: Our own Tim Hannon will be running the Savage Worlds Room, and working on recruiting. He tells me that he should be already be good for volunteers, but if you''re interested in attending and would like to join him please let Jamie know. Tickets are $35 for a weekend badge, $15 for Friday OR Sunday, and $20 for Saturday. Tabletop Appreciation Weekend, Friday 9/16 and Saturday 9/17: OOgie Games Niagara Falls: Extra Life does a warm up weekend for the main event involving Tabletop Gaming of all kinds, the purpose being to spread awareness. OOgie will be dedicating it's Friday Night Magic Event to Extra Life that week, but I was also hoping to coordinate some Extra Life activities on Saturday (ALL DAY!) as well. This would be a combination Social Event/Recruiting Event where we'd invite players outside of the guild to join us in the fun. We'll also be selling $1 swag and balloons to raise money for Women's and Children's. Again, please let us know ASAP which events you'd like to participate in!
  6. I'll be there with you Bubba, time TBA at the moment. - Riccio
  7. What's up everyone? For those of you that couldn't make our last guild meeting, I wanted to post an update everyone about an upcoming social event for the Buffalo Guild members. September 22nd, based on interest, we'll be doing an outing to The Great Escape Room at 300 Pearl St. in downtown Buffalo. This will be a guild member funded event, so you pay your own way in, but the hope is to get as many teams as we can to go in and we'll see who can complete the room in the quickest amount of time. More details will follow, but please save that date and come downtown to have some fun with your fellow Extra Life Champions.
  8. @stodd.ELBoston (Wanted to tag you in case you didn't get a reply notification) So one of our biggest struggles starting out is getting into Con's and other major events where they want tabling fee's. Clearly your guild is not having that same issue, or you've figured out a solution to that problem, so can you share your secrets? And if it's as simple as paying the fee, who is doing that? The hospital?
  9. What's up Guild!? I've been all over the place lately and I apologize that I haven't had the chance to be active and posting, but here we are. First, some business stuff, don't forget our meeting is Tuesday, August 23rd at Oogie Eastern Hills and we want to really get down to business and start talking fundraising and plans for the next couple months. Also, for those that purchased t-shirts, THANK YOU!!!! If you missed out, or consciously abstained, that's cool too, but we should have another opportunity in the future to buy that Extra Life swag before the 24 hour marathon. Moving away from business, I wanted to post this and ask the guild what they would like to see over the next couple months before we hit our marathon? That's a very open ended question, but as far as the guild goes, what do you want to happen between now and November 5th? Game nights? Training? Meet-ups? Tournaments? Other stuff? You tell us, because if we can all work together then in the words of Ed Harris, "I believe this is going to be our finest hour!"
  10. Awesome, glad to hear that and I look forward to meeting you or one of your organizers in a couple weeks!
  11. Hey Fergzilla, glad you posted about this, sounds like a lot of fun and a great event, all the best in raising that money. I'm curious if you've read up on any of our other messages in this forum? Locally this forum was created because Extra Life and Children's Miracle Network helped start up a board that is working to try and do things just like this event. We're having our next open meeting Tuesday, August 23rd at Oogie Games Eastern Hills, and it'd be awesome if you could stop in, get to know some of us, and give us some more details about your event, your expected attendance and all that. The more we know, the more we can help you all fundraise and really get as much as we can for the hospital. So hope you can make it out and meet us on the 23rd!
  12. Hey! My name is Michael and I'm the guild Secretary, glad you found us and posted. Glad to hear you'll be at the meeting later this month, and I look forward to meeting you. If you have any questions prior to that meeting, please feel free to hit me up here, or through any other means (I think I have a lot of stuff like facebook and the like linked in my profile). Also, I game a lot with Bubba, and definitely would love to add more friends on Xbox, gamertag Shadowfox4271. We'll be getting ready for Rise of Iron soon if you play Destiny, the more the merrier (also because you can't matchmake a raid). Anyway, super excited you posted and see you later this month!
  13. until
    THIS WEDNESDAY, AUG. 3rd at 6:00pm, Oogie Games, Eastern Hills Mall, and The Extra Life Buffalo Guild are teaming up for Pokemon Go walk! Participants will meet up at the Mall Fountain (at the Pokestop), where the mall will be dropping Lures and Extra Life will provide a recharging station. We will once again be hiding Pokeballs around the Mall. Find one and win a pack of Pokemon cards with one winner winning a Pokemon T-Shirt from their team of choice! For more details, hit up the Oogie Games facebook.
  14. until
    @TheLoremaster has a Board Game Event he will be hosting, so let's come out and rep that! Here are the details from the facebook post: Every 2nd Saturday, Buffalo Gamers Society is proud to host a Board Game Day at Dragon Snack Games.Play Games. Make Friends. Eat Pizza.We will do a pizza order in the evening, for $1/slice.We also take up a voluntary collection to help support the Buffalo Gamers Society and Dragon Snack Games. Thank you for supporting us! For more information, or to RSVP check out their facebook event,, or their facebook page,
  15. Hey, I checked it out and I'll be in a Golf Tournament all day that Saturday, but I'll spread the word to any Extra Life members and post that on our forum calendar. (I think i can make it a recurring event as well so it'll be there every 2nd Saturday) Anytime you want to share anything else, post it up to the forum and I'll make sure to put it in the right places! Good luck with the event, and hopefully we'll get some people out there.
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