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  1. Hey everyone! I was able to upload some pictures from our Pokemon Go Recruitment event on Wednesday! Heres the link... It was good starting point. We had about 60-100 participants, 3 sign-ups, and raised about $17 for the Guild fund! We'll have more events planned by the time we have our next guild meeting.
  2. StandardDamage

    Recruiting Events

    Photos from our Guild Recruiting Events.
  3. Hi Mart Mart! Welcome to the forums and the Guild! I'm Jamie, the Guild President. If you'd like to meet a lot of us in person and see what you could do to help, please join us for the next Guild meeting on August 23rd at OOgie Games in the Eastern Hills Mall! We're about to go into our big push, and could use all the help we can get! -Jamie
  4. Awesome! Please do! Shamanom will be joining us as well. Lisa also provided us with small water bottles and bracelets to sell and help raise funds for the Guild.
  5. Okay, the social media post for the Pokemon Go event is now up. If you could share it that would be awesome! The post is on OOgie Games Facebook page... I'll also have it up on all my Social Media if you'd simply like to share (or retweet) it. Also, I still need some help that night (it's now only one to two hours...only supposed to run until 7:00pm). If you can help please let me know!
  6. What do you play, Bubba? Specifically?
  7. Good evening, Everyone! I wanted to let everyone know that, effective immediately, Ryan Bradley is no longer the Vice President of our Extra Life Guild. Out of respect to Ryan, I will not discuss the reasons why this occurred. We will be looking into a new VP in the very near future. If any of you have any questions regarding the matter, please let me know. Thank you, everyone! -Jamie
  8. Good Afternoon Everyone! I have a solid date and time for our first Pokemon Go event. Here are the details... Where: Eastern Hills Mall When: Next Wednesday, August 3rd starting at 6:00pm (should run until 8pm or 9pm) What: We'll be running a recharging station at the starting point. We'll need 3 or 4 volunteers to help man the station and recruit during the event. I also need some members who are willing to let us borrow their cel phone chargers for a night. Please respond here if you can help out! This is going to get some attention, as the Mall is publicizing this through local radio, and OOgie is hiding more Pokeballs for the walkers to find. I'll be there personally handing out prizes to the winners who find the Pokeballs. Shamanom, would you please let me know if you were able to put together a poster board or if you need any help with it? The Mall will be providing an 8 foot table and skirt, and I'll be printing up 100 of Laura's wonderful new tri-folds that night to hand out. Please help out by sharing our posts through social media! Because I know not everyone is friends with me on Facebook, I'll post it on all three of my outlets: my personal Facebook page, my StandardDamage Facebook page, and my Twitter. I'll post here when it goes out so it's easily shared. Thanks! -Jamie
  9. Hello Everyone! I wanted to give everyone a heads-up on some Pokemon Go events coming up in and around the OOgie stores in Western New York. The one with a solid date will be taking place next Thursday (August 4th) at the Eastern Hills Mall. I'm still looking for an exact time from the Mall, but it looks like evening. It should give us a chance to hand out recruitment materials while we participate. But that's just one of six. Most of the other stores are planning walks as well (the next one should be in Niagara Falls), so please keep an eye on the forums and I'll let everyone know when and where these are happening! If you're interested in helping with the Mall walk, please respond in this thread so we have a head count. Thanks! -Jamie
  10. Not sure if anyone else caught up with this, but there is a Beta sign up that will let you test at different stages of development.
  11. OBS Studio is so versatile it's insane. I absolutely love it. I haven't streamed in awhile because I'm putting together a "show" as part of the stream.
  12. Still very interested in that, Loremaster! Part of the reason things are quiet has been everyone's busy schedule. Mine has been brutal...I'm working my ninth day straight while we move our Depew store, so it's been a little hectic. There's going to be a lot coming up probably starting late August and September. If you want to organize a Tabletop Gaming Day, let us know a date and time and we'll help with any organization! I should free up again around August 15th.
  13. I just went in and ordered two for myself. That will bring us up to 11! C'mon guys and gals! Just six more!
  14. Wow...there always has to be money involved. No matter what the cause. That's a shame. Thank you for keeping us posted Andrew!
  15. I ran into the same extra issue. I called Sony, but I'm not holding my breath. They're all tied up preparing for E3.
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