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  1. Bubba


    Do you enjoy gaming? Do you like fresh, delicious coffee? Do you LOVE helping our amazing, but sick, local children? If you have said 'Why, YES, yes I do!' to any of these questions come and join us at Iron Buffalo on November 3rd from noon until noon on November 4th for an amazing 24 hours of gaming. Feel free to come for part or the entirety of the event! Any tabletop game is allowed. There will be a few available for general play. Feel free to bring your own to share! Dungeons and Dragons Adventure's League play will be featured. As per Lysa Chen's announcement, candy corn will be available during these games! We welcome everyone from the grizzled DMs of the fabled Red Box to those who have yet to touch a set of dice!We will have William and Kevin on staff from Iron Buffalo making refreshing coffee drinks to help you get through the 24-hours and possibly running some games as well.'Cheat-O-Chips' will be available to make gaming a bit more... user friendly. Purchase a re-roll on an unlucky d20 or another pull from a deck. Stack the odds in your favor and force the Gods of chance to bow at your feet! 1-$1.00There are currently two raffles that will be available. You do not need to be present to win a raffle but a phone number will be required. All raffles will be drawn at the conclusion of the event on November 4th at noon.-The first is a 50/50 raffle. All funds of this raffle will be added up then split between the local Extra Life charity and the raffle winner. (You can of course choose to donate your winnings ) 1-$1.00 3-$2.00 7-$5.00 Dragon Arm-$20-The second is a "Get Started" trio of new Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition books! This includes the Player's Handbook, the Dungeon Master's Guide and the Monster Manual. 1-$1.00 3-$2.00 7-$5.00 Dragon Arm-$20
  2. WELCOME ALL! Come stop by the corner booth today, Saturday, and see Riccio and I with any questions about Extra Life Buffalo! We'd love to have you! -Bubba
  3. Hey ya'll! A fellow Guild member made up a Hype video for Extra Life this year here in Buffalo. Figured we would post it to see what you guys thought of it. Thanks!
  4. Howdy ya'll! I was curious if there had been an announcement on the Dates for this years Extra Life United. My wife and I would love to attend but she will need to take off of work, so the sooner the info, the better. Thanks! -Bubba
  5. Hey y'all! Is there a way to send in a money order to Extra Life or something similar to make a donation without being charged these ridiculous processing fees? Thanks!
  6. TEAM PAGE!!! Sign on up!
  7. https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.team&teamID=34327
  8. Finally have my schedule for this week and unfortunately I have to work Thursday evening. :(
  9. Finalizing a table at the Oogie Games tent at Wing Fest this weekend to do some SERIOUS recruiting. That is why we are all in this to begin with. Who wants to put the rubber to the street and get these signups?! Wingfest is at 12-9 Saturday and 12-7 Sunday. Hit. Me. Up.
  10. I just HATE that they take 20% for every single ($1) donated. And then on top of that they are charging a monthly fee as well to use it? Maybe CMN has a deal with them to not charge the groups or take less processing fees, but to me it just doesnt seem right. Easier to just use direct payment through CC's// Paypal/ and whatnot. Although the 199 is to buy the DipJar striahgt up, then a 5$ fee per day of use, then the Per-Transaction fees. Ugh. Its stops feeling like its about Charity and much more like its about paying DipJar to start up the company. :-/
  11. Bubba

    WNY Pokemon GO

    Awesome! Feel free to hit me up when you know where/when you're going out. I have a pretty big foot in the door with the LGBT Community in Buffalo myself and would be happy to help with your recruiting at any point!
  12. @TheLoremaster Are you planning on being at Dragon Snack tomorrow?
  13. Already having Nightmares of raiding with these guys again *Shivers*
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