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  1. Heya I've been a extra lifer for 4 years now. This past year I was on 2 teams Extra Life Buffalo, NY and Team Playing with Fire. I've never received any rewards for it and enlisted in the registration. I've raised at least 1k for both teams just wondering who do I contact about this?
  2. Do we have a team page that I can signup for? I want to get the ball rolling
  3. Hey everyone! Its been a while since I've posted. Many things have been happening with Extra Life this year. I recieved a email about purchasing a ticket to go to Extra Life United tournament in Walt Disney World. Im wondering if I should opt in this ticket for Extra Life Buffalo to see if I can compete to bring funds to our Hospital. The deadline is March 1st to confirm. I have the money atm to get the ticket but I need to make sure to get the blessing and the approval to go. I will be contacting the leaders via email shortly.
  4. Heya again Just wanted to let you know we do have a Discord Server. Extra Life really wants us to communicate here. But here's a alternative if you want to have a VOIP when gaming together. This platform can be used on PC/MAC via browser or application also on Android and Iphone at Again this is a alternative why to make sure if you need to get a message out quickly, without going on Facebook Messenger. Extra Life wants to keep the forums active so most of themy posts for broadcasting advice will be here. Make sure you connect your accounts on Discord ( Twitch, Youtube,, etc. ) so we know when you stream. I want it to make a announcement to alert each other when we are live. ATM I see Jaime Damien and Eddie Sinka streaming. This platform is really great! Edits will be on this to let you know updates on Discord server.. -Shamanom (Sham)
  5. I found a nice guide to help for prepare for the 24 hour event. This is a good read imo. Let me know what your thoughts are !
  6. Sorry for the delay on this post but I think I'm officially done unpacking from this convention & mapped out what happened from Twitch 2016 This is what happened ! (i.e. Hotel stay was about .5 miles from Convention Center, ill be editing this because i know that I fail at grammar) Wed 28th Sept Arrived at the Hotel and checked in. Unpacked and when Pokemon Hunting, and the local gay bar (yeah sue me) Lots of Growlithe, Ekans, Geodudes. (RIP Dratini's) . I would of gone to Santa Monica Pier but that costs money (not happening). For a weekday in San Diego was busy af. Anyway, great places to go to eat but I stayed at the hotel to await Playing with Fire members. Thurs 29th Sept Had breakfast, more Pokemon hunting and tourist stuffs. (weird living in Niagara Falls, its was always the other way around) 2 Playing with Fire members checked in, then we planned for Sunday for Dinner. Had lunch (Panera Bread i had a free pastery for being in the club and a sandwich because my birthday was Sept 1) spent $5 on premium soda (because I felt boss af). More Pokemon hunting, went back to my hotel to print my Discord Unoffical-Offical Pre-Con Party. Open bar from 9pm to 2am PST.... (I'm still trying to remember that night) Went back to the hotel via UBER (Free) and crashed. Fri 30th Sept 730a Woke up breakfast then, walked to the convention center by 845a to stand in line.( I should of gotten there earlier, and brought a fold-able chair.) doors open at 9. We go up stair to wait in another line to get into the expo hall.(>.<) Then when the expo hall opened, I bolted to the merch line. (I wasn't waiting 8 hours like last year) 2 hrs later I hit the floor. I would say that i walked in that expo hall about 10 miles that day. I met with the Partnered Broadcasters and ask the questions like (What is it like to sustain partnership? What is the dos and dont's etc.) With the best answer I go was "Be yourself, and have fun doing it. Your Audience is there for you not the game. Let your fun personality shine." Im thinking to myself. That's what I'm doing already. Then i realized the reason you grow is who you know as well. Understanding the culture that we live in now, you need to embrace the streaming communities. Exchange information, be apart of their broadcasts. 1230p Went to I played the quest they had for us at the convention. Realized that its a 3 day quest to complete(wow a mmo in real life!) Turned in, Then i preceded to panels upstairs. I went to Tips and Tricks for Better Chat 330p Panel for Protecting Yourself on the Internet (Streamer Edition) then @ 530p Twitch Partnership FAQ Met with More Playing with Fire members went to different panels. Alpha tested that was unboxed in front of us. (sidenote: i was in the merch line and there was a HUGE black curtain over a big arena. Made it hard to get to the line. I was like wtf is this bs, then they dropped the curtain) Signed up and tested it, played it on the main stage. Got a alpha key. Signed up for streaming the game. ( I literally pooped myself. Im going to stream a Amazon Prime game that is in Alpha. I was thinking OK Jesus, i will do what you say) Met with my subscription casters (Joeneverfails, Purplekoolaidman & abraham_linksys) chatted talked to their communities. Went back downstairs to talk to a few booths talked with the Extra Life Reps. Saw, the card readers & got jelly. I didn't see Mike Kinney ( because i was looking for him all weekend, no dice) Retouched with people who became my best friend in the merch line. Went to FatShark Games Booth slide as many free steam keys because the man made a face at me. Awkwardly walked to the next booth to play Payday 2. ( I should buy this game, stream-able with friends ) Got a free shirt and bracelet. Left convention to unload swag and shower. Then UBER pool back to downtown. Met up with SkyDiveGayGuy( yeah i know, that's his twitch name ) ate subway then caught more Pokemon. Then bed. Saturday 1st Oct Breakfast at the hotel, All day talked to different booths about services that could better my live-stream. Most of them I'm already familiar with Streamlabs, BAND together app, XSplit, etc.But i wanted to get deeper into mobile. Amazon booth that you can trade in anything to open a locker filled with swag. Most got gift cards for 5, I was a pimp that walked with a $25, then i gave it to my mom when i got home. Did the quest on second day this one was more go find this because a certain computer.... in a sea of hundreds... 1p Lunch 2p Spoke with #HackHarrassment Charity (Intel Powered) about their cause 3-5p: Met with Mamas & Papa's meetup: Stream team community that i watch often. (semi-to real lewd/ weird community) 6p Sat on a panel Dire Straights: How LGBT+ Streamers Survive and Thrive. (tbh, the buffalo LGBT community could of learned a thing or 2 (or 7) about being tolerant against the internet. 7p Met with UGRGaming, DistractedElf, Anne Mution post panel. Learning to convert trolls to active community members. 8pm Left Convention had dinner with MisterGambino, and StatusChance at a mexican restaurant. The food was amazing (I paid for that extra cheese later, #lactoseProblems) 10p Departed to the TwitchCon after party at PetCo Park. So....many.....people....I....cant....move....forward.. $13 for a Rum & Coke (first and last drink from there) Watched T-Pain(nursing a hangover) Steve Aoki( threw 10 cakes into the crowd ), and Darude ( duDuDu ) Sun 2nd Oct. 12a left Park to go to Tipsy Crow, met up with Playing with Fire members Jwill, and Nelstar with PurplekoolaidMan's Mama's and Papa's 1245a Left to go to Whiskey House to meet All of Playing with Fire members and network. 230a left bar to go back to hotel. Caught more Pokemon, then went to bed. 8a Breakfast, went down to the convention enter for last day. 9am Networked, and visited more booths Hairbrained Studios, FatShark Games 11a - Livestream Amazon Studios received 3 keys, network (This game is what i want to stream asap. Is funded by amazon. This to me is the game to get to partner on Twitch) 230p Started to say goodbyes, got feels......alot 4pm played ShardBound seeing applied to stream when game goes into alpha. 530p - Playing with Fire team dinner @ Hard Rock 745p - Back to Whiskey house. I had no alcohol night. Ate food network Mon 3rd Oct 2a -Left Bar, caught more Pokemon (seeing the pattern?) 9am Checked out, went to visit Family and Friends in Anaheim, spent the night Tues: Flight back home So that's what happened in a nutshell, or what i can remember. But my advice would be to go to this event! If you like gaming,tabletop,and want to break into the industry. This should be your 1st stop!
  7. Hey everyone. I've been a bit absent from the forums for a little bit now. >.< I'm been trying to join new communities that are local and try to route them back to Extra Life of Buffalo. So far its starting to show with a few new signups. Ive been playing a lot of Pokemon Go as of late, and streaming super late night to understand what Western NY has. I know that everyone can make stream, but ill leave some VOD's in the future post. So for Pokemon Go there are a few Facebook pages as well as team pages. Facebook: WNY Pokemon Go Trainers Facebook: Niagara Region Team Instinct There's also a discord channel for Pokemon Go: I cant get access to send a instant invite. ( will update ) Also I've been going to many LGBT events to see if we can get some recruiting done in that community. I have one to go to tonight. So I'm wearing my St Jude T-shirt until the one from our campaign arrives! Tonight im looking to get at least 3 people to signup. Im thinking about making snapchats throughout this process. You can add me as Zellious1
  8. I made it a Google Doc so we can edit. Let me know what fix or make better!
  9. I think i need to leave the picture taking to Tempest LMAO. I catch people at the most awkward moments!
  10. I just checked into work they have me schedule a later shift since we lost someone. I think that it might be around 5pm to 8pm I will be there, just depends on business decline.
  11. I cant remember the conversation i was ninja taking pictures lol
  12. I talked to Jaime about making videos for us to understand about Livestreaming. ATM im really busy, But I will make a personal video for everyone for our Extra Life Guild. But i did want to show you a video that ive watched that helped me become a better caster. The Hunter Wild Youtube - Dont let your streams be dreams Please let me know if this helps you in your broadcasting hobby!
  13. Yeah ive been playing Overwatch since i bought it a few days ago. Love the polished look seems that im a Lucio player lmao. But i do fancy a tracer and Solider 76
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