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  1. Alana Luna

    Guild RPG Campaign

    Count me in!
  2. Alana Luna

    Guild Game Night Planning

    Ok Im in for tonight
  3. Alana Luna

    Guild Game Night Planning

    I am down count me in!
  4. Alana Luna

    2016 Extra Life 24hr Marathon

    I will still be coming. I will stay as long as I can. I invited a guest not sure how long she plans to stay or if she will actually come. I dont plan to bring any equipment.
  5. Alana Luna

    2016 Extra Life 24hr Marathon

    Hey guys, I plan to be there. I don't think I can last the whole 24 hours but will stay as long as I can. I dont have any guests to bring as yet but that may change. I cant lug my equipment there by myself so I dont think I will bring anytning. Also, what's the food/drink situation. Should we all bring something in bulk?
  6. Alana Luna

    Anime Expo - 7/1-7/4

    I am free to volunteer for this for as many days and hours as needed. Just let me know.
  7. Alana Luna

    Extra Life at E3 Live

    I think I did is it not showing?
  8. Alana Luna

    Extra Life at E3 Live

    Sure I am available. I can do Thursday June 16th.
  9. Hey, I can volunteer Sunday 05/29/16 for the LA store.
  10. Alana Luna

    Daily Streaming

    Yessir got it.
  11. Alana Luna


    Hey, Ok I can help at the LA Cosplay Con and the Electronic Entertainment Expo. I can do all day or any shifts you want.
  12. Alana Luna


    Hey guys, Not sure which specific events you need help with. But, I am free and available pretty much everyday since Im not working at the moment. Just let me know and I will make plans to help.
  13. Alana Luna

    Daily Streaming

    Steve, Yes sure. I pretty much stream every morning. So whichever days you want me to do Im open.
  14. Alana Luna

    Daily Streaming

    Hey guys, I am planning to stream today Wednesday May 11th from around 10am-2ish PST. I plan to continue Ryse: Son of Rome. If thats too gory for the guild stream then I can stream Star Wars Battlefront. Just let me know.
  15. Alana Luna

    Buisiness Recruitment

    @LeaveIt2Beaver @Novus'Olm Thank you guys so much for the help and advice. This is very very helpful. @LeaveIt2Beaver yes it makes perfect sense.