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  1. The Boston one is fine, but we should probably reach out to the Boston guild as well so they don't feel like we would be stepping on thier toes or "stealing" people. I know it doesn't really matter who joins which guild, the important is that they join somebody and raise money for the kids. We just want to make sure that we have good communication with them. I really think some of the smaller events would be great targets as well. In Chicopee alone there are 3 separate Cruise Nights, Moose Club is Thursdays, the VFW on Granby rd is Wed and there's one at Buttery Brook park near the South Hadley Big Y (not sure of the night). There are tons of people at those events and a lot of parents with kids. I don't think we would have to do each one every single week, but maybe every other week or once a month. They usually run all summer so even once per month would be 3 events or so I think. Plus the smaller events like the cruise nights would be less of a time commitment, 1 or 2 people could do the whole event since the cruise night is only a few hours, rather than the all-day conventions where we would have to schedule shifts and such. Just a thought
  2. Hi there I'm Nathan and I've been doing Extra-life for 4 years now and I really want to make a big push this year and beat all my other year's donations. I'm from Chicopee, MA and I'll be attending the guild launch in a couple of weeks. I would be interested in helping out or applying for one of the leadership roles. I really hope to meet some of the local people in the area and start pushing for a great fundraiser in 2016! A little about me: I'm an army vet (7 years active, 3 in the national guard). I have a bachelor's degree in Information Systems and a master's in data analytics. Currently working for an industrial manufacturing company doing procurement and inventory management. Obviously I enjoy video games, I also bowl, golf and love cooking/grilling.
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