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  1. Hello Extra Life Community, We are addressing the community at this time by writing this Unofficial Announcement, the Official announcement will be launched in the coming months as of now we are working to build our community to make this event as successful as possible. My name is Filipe i am a passionate gamer have been for most of my life and today i am here to announce that with the help of my team we have created an Event called 'Project 1470' a Twenty-four hours Or 1470 Minute Gaming Charity event that will be streamed on Twitch in the Summer of 2016. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ??_For More Information comment down below your questions_?? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow the Offical Project 1470 Social Media Pages for updates and news: Twitter: Twitch: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We want to know how many people are anticipated to attend this summer therefore we created a straw poll which you guys can answer to provide us with a rough estimate of people who will be supporting us and ones who are not willing too. if you want to game with us throughout the event join our Extra Life team using the link below: Answer our Straw poll: Extra Life Join us: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All of our Graphics seen on our Social media and Twitch accounts were provided by the legend Daniel Graveling his website is down below, he provides amazing art work for a low price! Daniel Graveling (Graphics): --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for your support - Project 1470
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