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  1. I haven't been subscribed for a few months. But i was an avid and dedicated roleplayer. After meeting a few great people, through streaming. My fiance and I may both resub to FFXIV HW, in July. May continue my original ideas, as well. I will probably stream it, and the Rp events i attend and Host, as a sort of "story time" stream. As for my ideas. AS i am an aspiring, disabled musician. I want to use game sfx, and voice lines; to produce original, gaming music. Of the EDM genre, and steampunk subgenre. using the sounds of the Skysteel Manufactory, in Ishgard, and the sounds of the class skills. Project Machinist, and my adventuring in Eorzea, will not be coming to a close. My future in streaming, also has large goals. Not only do i have a set of digital mixers, but i also have a Launchpad Pro. I would like to set it up, as a comical, Real Time soundboard. To help increase the interactivity, and humor, of my stream. To make it more enjoyable, for my soon-to-be viewers. Right now, i don't have any, and am still very green in the understanding of my launchpads capabilities. But i have hope, that i can combine my love of gaming, music, and humor. Into my stream, so others my experience my passion, and how it pertains to my Extra Life-style :P. Please feel free, to add me, or keep an eye out for me. Sigmund Frey is my main. Race changed him due to harassment, but still love him. My alt is Bubunori Zezenori. Djsparky85, on twitch, and facebook.
  2. Yeah, i blow up facebook about an hour before. But most of the people on my facebook, don't interact, talk or comment. So its like.. a 90% dead Friend list. Most are people from school, who just accept Add Requests, but never post to communicate. I don't have a twitter, but i did use Instagram at one point. For characters i was writing about. So it's kind of in character.(in role).
  3. No, i was unaware of that post. I generally just browse the news feed, for interesting things. As well as Akron posts. I haven't really looked much into the out of town EL posts, much. I just posted on there myself
  4. I just started streaming, a few weeks ago. Have found getting viewers to be hard, when you know no one to share it with. Was recently referred to this post by Cawzy. So heres my stream. djsparky85 and my youtube: dragonspecpc for series based past broadcasts. I've followed some of you already, but this is a great idea, to spread the word
  5. I checked out a good bit of streams, but none of them were from the same game. 1 or 2 playing RUST, which ive been wanting to get. Would be fun as a large group. Like minecraft, but way more survival. Some Smash bros, splatoon, Overwatch, and Paragon (another game i've been told to get, for cross platform). Was watching a lot of @destiny. But hes get like a million followers, and hundreds of thousands for viewer subs. Because they had a massive RUST server ambush going on. Not exactly a kid friendly stream, lots of yelling at one another, and nudity. Since Rust starts you as a naked survivor. But was hanging out in there, and talking to the community, where the streamer didn't.
  6. I've been lurking all day, trying to mingle. Seems a lot of streamers just ignore chat.
  7. To me, that feels like follower poaching. Going to other peoples channels, to tell people to come check out your stream.
  8. Yup, thats the same post i read previously. I don't meet the requirements. I'm not a pro streamer, but have streamed for over 100+ hours. I have no followers that are not fellow extra lifers, so i haven't got the experience interacting with my viewers, yet. On the active side, i am over qualified, but the experience part; i do not. This is also only my second month, in Extra Life. I've registered, and discussed EL with many people in person, but i am by no means; experienced or well versed in EL. I was told the rules changed a bit, when leadership of the Stream Team changed. But i guess it wasn't enough. I suppose i will apply in another 6mo to a year.. :/ Was just hoping being hosted on the official EL, would increase my viewer numbers, to give me people to interact with. I'll continue with my 8-12 hour streams on my own.
  9. I'd like to apply for the Stream Team, to possibly get a time slot on the Official Twitch page. Right now, i have a tendancy to stream from 4-11 hours, per session. So i can amend my hours a bit, for a short session, based on schedule. I can configure my Scene 3, with the overlay, once again. To use specifically for Stream team hours. I could really use the followers/viewers. So i am trying to put myself out there, for any hosting, to bolster my numbers a bit. Not sure where i go to apply, or where to see the stream slots available. So any info will be appreciated.
  10. Apparently I've been using most of this already. Didn't know this was here. Googled for the infograph. Still trying to figure out if there was a way to set a video commercial automatically. When game capture can't detect a running game. Right now it's set up to show an intermission image from a vintage theatre. Scene 2 is my ibtro outro with scrolling marquee info of what extra life is by definition. Plus the CMNH infograph. With Twitter and fb info from the EL overlay. Another marquee with our November date. Might add in the latest humble later. Still need to get viewer's.. I have worked my butt off for a unique set up with plenty of info without being cluttered and congested. If you can leave opinions. Its my first month streaming. Already have over 100 hours into it.
  11. Eh, i'm looking at OBS right now. While it's great to have overlay options, and all the customizable settings.. There is no in-game overlay. I can't start/stop stream, preview stream, see or reply to twitch chat. I can't even see if it works or not, as Game Capture under Preview Stream, shows as black when alt tabbed. I am a laptop streamer, so i get the feeling that OBS is more for people with multiple windows. I feel detached, not having anything ingame during a stream. Xsplit can show how long i've been live, as well as a Live indictator and resolution quality. So i know when it disconnects, or hasn't started yet. Granted, in the shift+Tab overlay lags a bit in game, once in awhile. But at least it's there, so i don't have to alt tab constantly. I don't even think OBS can support alt tabbing. I don't want the desktop constantly popping up, should i need to check info off-game. In Xsplit, it automatically posts a default or custom BRB image, when i alt tab.
  12. I have the install folder for OBS, but when i unpacked this new laptop. It came with an unlimited recording license, of xsplit. But the license i have, doesn't include Overlays, show twitch chat in stream, or follower/donation notifications. Didn't have a setup at all, was pre-set up, just needed to be linked to a youtube or twitch. I've been using that for about 2 weeks, just installed Xsplit Broadcaster, which is like OBS. With all the seperate Scene buttons. Trying to learn its set up, since i hear you can use it to record desktop. For when i get my equipment set up, for a Mix Monday, or something. So i can stream Ableton live, and Serato DJ Controller. But i will continue to consider OBS as a back up. Just have gotten so spoiled on the easy setup and run of Gamecaster.
  13. I have the overlay, from the Kit. But until i get paid in June, i can't upgrade my stream license, to use overlays . Was denying my payment method, because my bank isn't set up, yet, to accept foreign countries business. With Split Media Labs being an Asia based country. I have to contact my bank, when i get paid next. Then i'll be using the Extra Life Overlay. This week, every stream, i have commentated, and have mentioned Extra Life before middle, and after.
  14. Right now, i stream everyday.. Nearly 10-12 hours at a time. I have a lot of free time.
  15. I would. However, the extra life stream team, is not welcoming to new streamers. The rules on the forums specifically states, new streamers aren't welcome. As they want people with X amount of experience, to even be considered for the official stream team. So i went solo, and taught myself everything, so far. From info set up, how to do it, and troubleshooting.
  16. I'm not sure, really. I was thinking about that, I'm extremely tight on money right now. So i have no gas money. Takes about a quarter tank, to round trip Akron area. I have doc appointments this month, and with truck repairs, every last dime has been budgeted. I wouldn't do mail, as we can't expect it to get here in time. Nor would i expect anyone to pay for shipping. So i'm at a loss for idea's. I don't think anyone will be able to help with an event, here in Salem. As we are, seemingly, the only out of town members. Otherwise, i would have who ever is coming down, bring them. So your guess, is as good as mine, right now. I'd like to get a large poster/display for Akron childrens/Extra Life. To put up in the background, or on the table. With a stack of flyers and pamphlets. I know last minute events, are the hardest to get setup, and more so, when they aren't local to Akron. So i apologize for the difficulty, and sudden scheduling of this event.
  17. I got a faster reply, then expected. Salem Twin Cinema, has agreed to allow us to set up a table/registration booth, every 3rd saturday of every month. Which is their game days. A local youth group started it, and the managers believe it would be big hit with them, and the cinema staff. The owner, will look into it, as no one has heard of Extra Life. But will consider becoming a local business that supports Extra Life Akron. Saturday, May 21st, is this months event. It's on my home street. So i will set up my table, and laptop for registrations. The staff has also agreed to set up flyers/posters. So i will need a large order of the Trifold flyers, and possibly one Large poster. To set up a display permanently at their location. I'll give them my contact information, should they need to replenish the flyers, or have further questions. Anything i can't answer, i have fowarded to our site.
  18. I'd like to speak to this JAKE, as well. As i just started streaming, and have already recorded over 1,000 hours of gameplay. But still have no viewers. I believe i had things set up well, with plenty of information. Explaining how donation buttons work, and which ones are strictly for extra life, and twitch support. As well as loyalty free music, etc. All within the guidelines of twitch. Was trying to upgrade my stream software to a full license, so i could have follow/sub/donation notifications, and use my Extra Life stream border. But being an Asia based company, my bank rejected payment like 20 times. When funds permit, next month, i will contact my bank, and allow it through. But i would like to figure out how to set up the notifications part, once i get upgraded. Also could use a bit of help, on how to get viewers, keep viewers, etc. I've done streams from First play throughs, to Throwback thursdays, to Mmos, competitive plays, and on Sunday, will start a Trove Chill day. Where i just build casually, while conversing with the stream in real time. As a lot of my previous games have been very, attention dedicated, to reply to twitch chat actively. Weekends would be my games that are relaxed, anyone can join in on, and i can sit down and talk to people directly about what we do here. More like a Talk show, style of interaction. Rather then playing for hours, passively commenting on chat once in a great while. I don't talk much right now, let alone use my cam. As i have no viewers, and feel odd talking to just myself lol.
  19. I recently had planned to make an outreach to a local business, here in salem. I remembered that my newly reopened Salem Twin Cinema, is now hosting Super Smash Bros tournaments on a ...Bi...monthly occasion. On the movie screen, supposedly. Next one is on the 21st this month. Was going to pop in, early, and speak to the owner/Ex Manager, about possibly becoming affiliated with Extra Life, as they are now a private owned organization, instead of a franchise. Maybe see if i can set up a booth, with my table, and laptop, and stream the tournament, while signing up families and taking donations. Possibly do some more crochet item sales, with proceeds going to Extra Life. If i'm lucky, maybe they'll consider x% of concessions sold, during their gaming weekends, as donations. I don't know. But i will keep in touch on how things go. Edit: Not suggesting the % of gaming weekend sales, in donations. Obviously i understand the best way to get a donation, is not to make suggestions; unless strictly asked for ideas. Just extending possibly circumstances and outcomes.
  20. I'm down. Since i am apparently now, the most active, in streams. With connections to larp organizations, and the event info for a ton of various game events, in and out of game. Would just need a little time and work, to figure out what is going on online, that we can use. But i will try my best..
  21. No problem. I have been "working" my butt off, every day. Looking for new ways to get the word out. I enjoy avidly participating, and bringing up idea's, should i have them. It's good to know the work is appreciated, even if it doesn't come to fruition.
  22. I recently contacted Psyonix, on their Suggestions forum. Requesting a possible Item update. Asking for decal/flag items with the Extra Life Logo on it. Also personally suggested a Ghostbusters DLC pack, with decals, items, flags, and an Ecto 1 usable car. We shall see what comes of it
  23. Just figured it would be something to look into. As me and Cawzy regularly upload, it would be a nice convenience. I understand that it isn't of great import, as it does have it's limitations. But i appreciate the attempt, none the less. Thanks anyway.
  24. I would suggest that we get the CEO of Extra Life involved, to contact Youtube, and have Extra Life whitelisted as a Fundraising organization. That way we can add fundraising link cards, to uploaded video and streams. Until it's added, we cannot link directly, only indirectly. It would really help to raise awareness with Youtubers. I found this topic on youtube, by a previous person asking for this, but was shot down, until a CEO gets in contact.!topic/youtube-creators/N9u3Q1n8fP0
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