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    Larp, video games, music, international food, asian culture, busting ghosts, cosplay, meeting new people, adding new things to my rig ship and pyrate collection, writing, acting, prop building.

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Ahoy there!

     You've reached this strange place, either by sheer determination, by accident, or superb navigational skills. Good job! Not much to say here, so i'll keep it short. I'm a gamer, music enthusiast, larper, cosplayer and avid prop builder. I'm about as nerdy as they come, a late prototype. I have a long history in volunteer work, and look forward to adding to it, through Extra-Life. I don't know many people online or offline, so my fundraising skills are subpar. But i am a determined individual, as well as comical. You got an event? Need something different to bring to the attraction, to turn heads and draw attention? Who you gonna call! Me! Always willing to lend a hand, for volunteer work and fundraisers, or even just walk around in costume. I may be disabled, but i don't let it stop my passions.



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