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  1. Well, I should have just asked my wife to begin with. I searched for a while and didn't find anything I liked, but after like 5 minutes she found these 1up mushroom charms on Etsy. 6 for $3.48 is pretty good, so I ordered a few of those and some key rings to attach to them. The key rings comes in a pack of 100. I might order a few more of the 1up charms to give out as a gift when people sign up for Extra Life at the events we go to. Hopefully this thread will be helpful for anyone else looking for ideas. I was specifically looking for something that was the Mario 1-up mushroom. Now that I know I should have been searching for a "charm" I see a bunch of stuff on Etsy for less than a $1 each.
  2. I know it's kinda late and we're only a month away from ELU now, but I was hoping for some ideas of what to bring to the pin exchange. I wasn't there early enough last year for the pin exchange and I definitely want to make it this year. I've tried searching for various things (like magnets, keychains, pins) but I can't find anything that's not prohibitively expensive to order 30 of.
  3. I ended up just booking something on airbnb. Only $32 per night. Not to bad.
  4. Everyone that has a Switch make sure to bring it. If we have enough people I want to run an unofficial Mario Kart 8 tournament, like what we did with 1, 2, Switch last year. I'll work out more details once we know how many are interested.
  5. Does anyone have a room with an empty spot in it? I'll be driving down to Orlando so I'll have a car that can be used to get to the resort if we stay offsite.
  6. When will we know the brackets? I plan on signing up for video games, except for the bracket that has rocket league. So I'd like to know which tabletop game will be going on then.
  7. I'll be going for my 2nd year. Just out of curiosity, when will most people be getting there? It looks like ELU itself will be Wednesday - Saturday. Anyone getting there a day early to use their Disney pass? Last year I only showed the evening before the tournament started so I missed out on the pin exchange and all the other fun stuff. I don't want to miss out on the fun this year. I am also going to make a post in the room sharing thread. I have a car, so that should make me popular... lol.
  8. I have a question! What happened to the pie chart that used to be in our dashboard before the site overhaul? The one that showed how much I raised, my recruits have raise, and my recruits recruits have raised? I just realized it was gone because I was telling someone how I can't raise much myself so I focus on recruiting others and how you can see how much they raised. Now of course it's not there.... lol
  9. until
    On October 28th from 8am to 3am October 29th, join Team Clockfriends for their Extra Life event and watch, play, or donate. For more information feel free to check out the team page: https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.team&teamID=35738
  10. Is anyone planning on staying offsite? I will probably be booking a room at a hotel nearby and just driving over each day (hooray for living less than 2 hours away from Orlando!). I'm curious though if anyone else is doing that and leaning towards a specific hotel. Would be cool to have an Extra Life group offsite that kinda stays together.
  11. I am now registered and excited about going since I didn't get the chance to go last year. Luckily, Orlando is a little less than a 2 hour drive for me.
  12. Actually, that links to the exact same place. However I discovered that none of them are really empty, but the way it is presented is not clear. If you click "multi media kit" on the right it brings you to a page that says there is only 1 file. Over on the right there are sub categories. If you click "all countries" it says there are no files. However, if you click the social media subcategory itself it will pull up just the social media stuff, which is what I was looking for. It's just super misleading when All Countries has a 26 next to it; that implies it will open all the subcategories on one page.
  13. Maybe. It's been empty nearly all year. That's what I was assuming at first, but it's getting closer and closer to game day and there are still no files.
  14. When you go to the multi-media kit at http://community.extra-life.org/files/category/1-multimedia-kit/ the only thing there is a brand guidelines document. Last year this is where I got a bunch of Facebook banners and things like that. EDIT: Actually, all the tool kits seem empty. The broadcasting toolkit has 0 files and Guild Toolkit only has 2.
  15. Is a Fundraising image different somehow than your profile picture? It'd be cool to have a more personalized image that shows up on Facebook when I link my profile. Can you tell what size the image is on Facebook? Or will Facebook resize the image as long as it's the same ratio?
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