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  1. https://www.facebook.com/Elseattle/ here you go
  2. Way to go Voldemort! I'm interested in the events team and streaming. Surprisingly, I really enjoy talking to people at the cons about extra life! Looks like I'm redownloading discord.
  3. J4


    I've still yet to buy overwatch... I'm lame, i know.
  4. I know you said we don't have to express interest if we already did so at the meeting, but.... SUCH EXCITE!!!!!!! Do you all have a time line on when we are going to start organizing this stuff?
  5. I think getting college students involved would be cool. I'm not comfortable with us speaking to minors without parental consent. It just seems weird to me.
  6. Looks like Two people are still needed for thursday. I believe some people can step up!
  7. until

    Annie and I will make out way up there
  8. J4

    It's Almost Time!!

    If you've raised over $10 you should have gotten an email with a redeem code for 3months of xsplit, which has a plugin for it. Xsplit is super easy to use.
  9. J4

    It's Almost Time!!

    Do Not Lose!!! lol, also one of my teammates started his stream last night, he too is a potty mouth. He's doing 10 Pushups for every swearword
  10. Welcome to the team! I read your story, and just so you know you aren't the only one here that is doing this because of what CMN has done for your children. My boy was at SCH for 7months and he's 2 now and doing GREAT! and there are other stories to. You made a good choice to jump into Extra Life!
  11. Is everybody getting ready? Game's updated, screens cleaned mics/cameras working, all that jazz? also anyone planning on doing anything interesting? I'm still debating what I'm going to be playing, and whether or not to play one game the whole time or multiple.
  12. I still haven't decided what my game plan is, I'm debating whether or not to do what I did my first year and just play one game the whole time.
  13. J4


    We are just over 2 weeks away from GGC. Are we still going to be a thing there?
  14. J4


    Out of curiousity, how many minecrafters do we have active in the guild? I spoke with some of yall about it last friday at PAX and it got my wheels turning about starting a server. For those that do play, do you like Vanilla or modded? Personally I use the crap out of Curse.
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