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  1. until

    going to be coming from tumwater
  2. until

    if i can catch a ride with someone else thats going i will be there
  3. if anyone from olympia is going i would love to carpool up with them. otherwise i cant make it.......... really Really want to go.
  4. I personally never got the chance to play xenogears. would love to give it a try.
  5. Found out that gamestop is selling chrono cross and other old school games. made me really happy that they are bringing back the classics.but only brought back, NES, SNES, N64, Dreamcast, PS1, and SEGA Genesis.
  6. what kind of capture card are you running?
  7. i use obs on occasion, but i normally use the software that came with my capture card.
  8. i have too many lol. so i guess i will go with my top 5 1. .dot//hack 2. final fantasy VII 3. Destiny 4.Tales of Vespiria 5. (and i know im giong to get some kind of comment on this one lol) the Call of Duty franchise multi player mainly
  9. Im hearing a lot of good ideas but not a lot of diversity, i think that a game night would be great but i kind of want a video game night. maybe do a guild lan tournament? shoot me some ideas on what games we could mesh in with this idea.
  10. I also like the idea of the app but im on a windows phone. any chance of getting the app on to the windows marketplace?
  11. Hello everyone, My name is Brandon, but you can call me dark. im still quite new to extra life and the whole streaming thing but i am looking forward to learning and helping the SCH as much as i can.
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