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  1. Fantastic! Exactly what I was hoping to read. You're very welcome; I look forward to having you folks again next year!
  2. I was super scheduled on both days of the con and couldn't break away to tour the expo hall; how did things go?
  3. Allow me to be that guy for a quick second: our branding is GeekGirlCon, no spaces. I've been told branding is important. Thanks! I hate doing that. Carry on!
  4. First $1000 raised. But we can do better!
  5. My page is live! Help me spread the nerd word! Last year we raised around $100,000 this way.
  6. until

    Unfortunately that's the night of the GeekGirlCon staff BBQ. Be awesome without me!
  7. I attended a GGC meeting yesterday and inquired about Extra Life. It does not appear that you folks submitted an application. Is that the case?
  8. She'd very much like to, but another obligation might keep us from attending. I'll see about wiggling free, but don't hesitate to fill the room!
  9. Ironic Andy


    Hope everything went smoothly with your GGC application. Let me know otherwise.
  10. I don't like to speak on behalf of other departments, but like I said, we intend to have you folks there one way or another.
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