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  1. What time will you guys be starting?
  2. until

    Definitely making it this time, got the days mixed up for the last meeting. D;
  3. Emailed Troy to work that Sunday for my wife and myself!
  4. until

    AH MAN, I was logged out of my account when I checked the date on this and it told me August 16th, THOUGHT IT WAS TODAY INSTEAD OF LAST NIGHT! X_X
  5. until

    I'm gluten intolerant in case there's any option for me, otherwise no pizza for me!
  6. until

    Are there only 12 other spots, and could we bring our own Xbox Ones or have to use the ones there?
  7. So what time and where are we supposed to meet initially?
  8. You can add my wife Kristen and myself (Bryan) for Saturday! I can wear my Umbrella costume again.
  9. Just gotta test my stream out beforehand, otherwise I'm good to go! I'll be starting my marathon at 8am, doing a full playthrough of XCOM 2 with soldiers based on my donors! I'll be streaming on my Twitch channel:
  10. I'm planning a full playthrough of the excellent XCOM 2! As a fun incentive I've been creating characters based on my donors, which has been a big success for me in raising pledges this year! Check out my roster so far! What about you guys, what games do you have lined up for Nov 5th?
  11. Hey everyone! Just wanted to check in and see what the guild plans are for Nov 5th as I saw in a recent email that the guild will be at the Microsoft Store from 9am-9pm on Marathon Day, but that's only covering 12 hours. It'd be cool if we had a place to set up for the full 24 hours, the wife and I have just been planning on playing from home for now. Anyway, just wanted to catch up on the forum as I've been absent for a while. =P
  12. Did the survey, Sundays work best for my wife and me since Saturdays are our group gaming days.
  13. Sadly I won't be able to attend as I work evenings during the week.
  14. Sadly I work evenings so weekdays never work for me. :<
  15. I'm in the same boat as J4, I've only streamed during my first Extra-Life marathon last year. I really love the idea to do it on the weekends, but sadly my free time to game continues to shrink all the time. I typically get a few hours in at night after work, typically just single player games. But I like to be thorough in my game sessions a lot, so I think streaming Witcher 3 menus wouldn't be too exciting, haha. My channel is Sharkey1337 and I'll definitely be streaming again this year for the marathon. Trying to put together a workplace team this year as a few of my employees like to game as well. I have an awesome conference room I can set up TVs and systems in at my workplace, will definitely have it all to myself on a Saturday!=D My initial plan last year was to do a marathon of numerous games in 2 hour chunks, but I just ended up doing co-op games with my wife. If I can play XCOM on my PS4 or Xbox One by November I really just want to stream an entire campaign with coworkers as my soldiers! XD
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