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  1. Hey all! We've got an update on the local Twitch Streaming, The local twitch channel ( will have local streamers stream leading up to the large event several groups throw in November for Extra Life. Being that it's for Extra Life, were making sure the content is appropriate, and filling the schedule. We want to make sure that everyone gets a chance, and it helps those in need! Rules: When you apply, give a time you want to stream. This should be a 3+ hour block. Keep things PG13 or lower Watch your language This is a one strike, your out policy. Include your twitch channel. We'll review it and make sure the content is appropriate. If you are interested in streaming on this channel, please message us on Facebook at:
  2. LIquid-

    August Guild Meeting

    Hey all, we are meeting Thursday, August 3rd, 2017 at Do Space, Large Conference Room for our monthly guild meeting. The meeting will go from 7:00 PM to 8:00PM. Do Space is at 7nd and Dodge If you have any questions or comments, please post them below.
  3. Hey all, we are meeting Thursday August 3rd, 2017 at Do Space, Large Conference Room for our monthly guild meeting. We'll be meeting at 7:00 PM. Do Space is at 72nd and Dodge. If you have any questions or comments, please post them below.
  4. Hey all, we're looking for ideas for events to attend, social events you want to do, any other suggestions you have! If you have a contact for any such event, please post that also, or dm that to @LIquid-, @Jmorris411, or @TonyPil. Thanks!
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  7. Hey all, were going to be attending O Comic Con again this year! The dates are July 7th, 8th, and 9th, and it will be at the Mid America Center. We'll be there all three days, in 3ish hour shifts. We need the names of volunteers by July 1st, so please respond if you can help out by June 30th. Thanks! Please sign up at the link below:
  8. LIquid-

    June Guild Meeting


  9. June 1st, 2017 Meeting Agenda Welcome New Members Game night last night Thanks for coming out! Upcoming Events: O Comic Con – July 7th - 9th Will publish sign up sheet soon Need to sign up early or you wont get a badge, we wont have general badges this year Tune in 4 Kids August, Guild will be a part of it More info to come Storm Chasers Anyone interested in setting up at a game/ Anyone have an events coming up we should look at? Other News Game Shoppe Approached us about doing regular events at their stores Possibly a game night? Open Discussion Next Meeting July 6th, 7pm Most likely at DoSpace Thanks for coming!
  10. Hello fellow Guild Members, As it's March, we are in a new year of guild recruitment and leadership. Sadly Chris Hayes (@CmdrSmushy) is resigning as Guild Vice President, due to his life becoming more hectic with work and life events. Chris will still maintain a strong relationship with The Guild. Tony Pileggi (@TonyPil) and myself, Thaine Rowley (@LIquid-), will be remaining as Guild President and Guild Secretary, respectively. We are welcoming Joseph Morris (@Jmorris411) as the new Vice President! A few words from the Officers: Tony Pileggi (@TonyPil): Chris Hayes (@ChrisHayes): Would like to address the Guild in person, at the meeting on April 6th, 2017. Thaine Rowley (@LIquid-): Joseph Morris (@Jmorris411):
  11. At the meeting we couldn't publicly say the big news...If we can...I can post it...
  12. March 5th Meeting Attendance Tony - P Chris - VP Thaine - S Joe M Tina Wirth/Dan Wirth + Kids Angela Colbey Siddi Officers speak Tony, Chris, Thaine spoke about all the work we've done this year and how far we've come. Social Media - Facebook - Twitter - Snapchat Were going to start using these all more, and we have access to all of them. If you have any pictures, info, comments, etc pass them onto us! We can use them for our social media accounts Netwar (Recruiting Event) - (March 31st - April 1st, 2017) Friday - Saturday Raffle tickets - We'll have something to give away! Sign up here: Other recruiting pretzcon in april anime nebraskon august 18th make offutt better Meet up chance (Our First Social Event) jurassic putt march 26th 1pm Sign up (and more info) here: Talked with Nebraskon about possibly doing a stand alone event. We took our 2017 Guild picture
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    We'll be going to Jurassic Putt for some Mini Golf! More information and sign up can be found at:
  14. Hey All, Were doing our first social event of the year on March 26th, at 1:00pm. We took a vote at the meeting (I'm posting the notes tonight), and we all voted to go to Jurassic Putt (mini golf with awesome dinosaur's everywhere). Prices are: Adults - $8 for 18 Holes, $12 for 36 Holes Children (3-12) - $5 for 18 Holes, $7.50 for 36 Holes Let us know you'll be coming (and how many will be in your party) here:
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