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  1. They want to avoid the weekends of father's day and Ceo
  2. Just got an email back we are a go, but they want to do it in June
  3. It depends, I'm going to ask how much bandwidth they have, they do have good wireless and they have space for big PCs, phones, tablets and laptops alike. But it's likely that it could handle 1 or 2 active streams, so we are going to have to cap the number of active streams. Hearthstone only uses around .03 mb/s up and .7mb/s so it doesn't take that much. And if we are lucky they can have a router. also I got a business card from one of the store clerks (who really want a hearthstone tourney), so i'm going to email their leader tomorrow. Once we get the OK, we can work finding out the day and ask Blizzard for prizes
  4. Nope only it's in lucky's card shop. http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/fireside-gatherings/19947 Also I'm going to Atomic Tuesday or Wednesday to get info as well as talk it out with them about having a Monthly or Biweekly fireside there.
  5. So after a quick bit of research there chapel hill firesides are gone, most likely due to School being out for them. The only fire side in all of North Carolina is in Greensbro on May 21th, the day, so we are free to plan a fireside and not have any conflicts with other events.
  6. Why rename it to smash for extra life? Smash for life is already a extra life pun. Why rename it smash for extra life? Smash for life is already a extra life pun.
  7. Alright the venue has be decided and the website should be up next week. That being said, if anyone is willing to be an artist, could really use the help.
  8. Ah yes I remember you at the clash, thank you for the contact and we will be speaking soon.
  9. Yes esports club president Ross, another CCEC member, I can send you a pm about him to you, or send an email when I get off of work.
  10. Hello everyone my name is Justin Thompson , I am co-founder of the Carolina Collegiate Esports Committee. I am planning a 24hour smash event, filled with tournaments for every smash game and any smash celebs I can get, for the 5th of November. Right now I'm looking for a nice big venue, so we can have room for smash, a lan party, and everyone else. I pretty new to event organization so any help or suggestions would be nice. For now I'll looking at nc state's tally student union grand ballroom because it's huge, it has active tech stuff, gigabit wire and wireless networks, and if pnc sponsors all of that space is free. I made this on my phone.
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