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  1. indomitable_dp

    Extra Life @ Wizard World Philadelphia 2018

    Let's gooooooo!
  2. indomitable_dp

    Attention Top 30 for 2017!

    Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!
  3. indomitable_dp

    Personalized Interviews from Twitch

    Cool beans! Thanks for the reply! Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  4. Hi all!! Does anyone know or have any information on when Twitch is going to produce the interview videos? I'm not expecting it to be soon; there was a good amount of people that signed up and I'm sure it takes a lot of editing. I'm just curious as to what the status is on them and if anyone can give any updates. I've been editing my profile page and it's something that I wanted to include so it made me think of it. Hope everyone is doing well! Dan
  5. indomitable_dp

    Pics from Extra Life United 2017

    Just wanted to share this in case someone hasn't already seen them. There was a professional photography group at Momentum and they captured a whole lot of the magic of the event. All the pictures are located here http://www.universalphoto.com/CMNH/Momentum-2017/, but as you can see, there are three albums solely for ELU! Check it out!
  6. indomitable_dp

    Counting the days until ELU 2017!

  7. indomitable_dp

    Tournament Sign Ups

    Phew, thank you! I'm ready to go then! Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  8. indomitable_dp

    Tournament Sign Ups

    Were we supposed to get a confirmation e-mail after we signed up for the games? I signed up on Saturday and haven't received anything so I'm hoping it went through...
  9. Wahoo! I'll make Steve create an account on here so that he can be recognized as well haha
  10. indomitable_dp


    Whoa, just realized I never posted an introduction about myself... Hi all! My name is Dan and this will be my 7th year participating in Extra Life! I have been playing video games ever since I learned how to pick up a controller, so seven years ago when my friend said "Want to play games...FOR CHARITY?!", I simply couldn't say no. We began as a small group of friends who were honestly in it just for an excuse to play games for 24 hours, but over the years it became so much more than that. Over the past seven years, my team, Yeagerbombs (Formerly the Silver Snakes), has raised over $40,000 for CHoP, and we have no intention of slowing down! Last year, at the Extra Life United tournament at Disney World, I wound up coming in third overall, bringing home a total of $17,650. I would attest that this event (and this absurd amount of money raised) really pushed me to get much more involved with the organization and the Guild itself, whether it be attending events, conventions, or meetings. Since then, I've been introducing some of my teammates and various gaming venues to bring about their involvement with the Guild as well. I also came into 2017 with a renewed focus following the passing of my good friend and Extra Life teammate. In his two years of participating in Extra Life, he had raised over $9000 and was very passionate about the cause. Similar to the hospitalized kids, he was also very sick, and there were times where the only thing he could muster the strength to do was play video games. He used video games as his outlet to help other people in the same situation he found himself in. So to continue his legacy, I am ultimately dedicated to the Extra Life cause now, more than ever. If you're looking to play games with me, you can find me on PS4 at indomitable_dp. If you're looking to watch me play games, you can follow me at www.twitch.tv/indomitable_dp. I'm hoping to meet all of you wonderful people in person someday! Dan
  11. indomitable_dp

    Building the list of stores to engage.

    Thread*. We definitely don't want to threaten these stores that we're trying to work with I sent an e-mail out to Krav'n Comics - http://kravncomics.com/ - Two locations: 349 Upland Square Drive Pottstown, PA 19464; and Coventry Mall 351 West Schuylkill Rd Pottstown PA 19464. They host (monthly?) Smash Bros. tournaments, so I asked them if they would like to somehow tie those into Extra Life. Waiting on a reply. I also know of the Games Keep in West Chester, PA. Haven't reached out to them at all, but they are a board game store, and I'm sure wouldn't be opposed to helping out. I'll get Cooper to talk to them, as he seems to be more familiar with the place.
  12. indomitable_dp

    2017 - Where do you want to recruit?

    Hey Dave, There is a local business called Gamer's Heaven located in Phoenixville, PA. They're a great group of people that regularly holds video game and card game tournaments and is overall just a nice place for gamers to geek out. They actually hosted my team for Extra Life this year, and graciously worked with us to provide a mutual awareness for each others' efforts. The store itself wound up joining our team and raising $250 (forcing its employees to dye their hair!). It's not a very large place, but it does generate a lot of traffic. Many of the regulars were interested in us playing and streaming our Extra Life efforts, and so I got to thinking that maybe this would be a good place to plant a table for registrations. I don't think it would have to be very formal and could even be a monthly thing due to the amount of events they host. I can reach out to the owner, Andrew, and see what he would have to say about it if this is something that sounds plausible to you. Let me know! Could be an easy, informal way to pick up participants! Dan
  13. indomitable_dp

    Share Your Twitch Stream!

    Haven't been keeping up on my stream lately, but I'm usually good for some Rocket League! www.twitch.tv/indomitable_dp