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  1. Lol they are hard to come by now. Do your followers usually come when u stream though thats the ? Lmao mine are all sparatic and I usually have like 2 maybe 3 viewers at a time for some reason cant get many more or they start dropping.
  2. Its all good I stream on mondays and eed 9 est till around midnight if anyone can on those nights that would be great.
  3. Is there anyone on here that streams on twitch? If so would anyone like to host me tomorrow night say around 9PM est? Im a newer streamer and I currently have around 130 followers on my twitch. I would really like to get more people involved with my stream as I am going to be streaming for game day 2016 with an all day stream. If anyone would be able to help me grow my stream going forward it would be much appreciated. If you are able to help out that would be amazing let me know by emailing me @
  4. I play on PC (at the moment only League of Legends) and on PS4 with mostly call of duty black ops 3 and rock band 4. PSN name is sm967n and my league name is mordecai1988. Unfortunatley I wasn't able to make it to the guild launch like I had planned on due to working that night but hopefully in the future I can join in and be able to help out.
  5. Hey guys newer to extra life just wanted to stop by and say hey.
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