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  1. So we had to report names on Friday for our badge requests. What dates and times were you look to sign up? We might be able to share a badge with you so you can still help out
  2. This is your final warning... With a bit of an unexpected change. You have until Thursday at 7 p.m. to get me or any other guild officer your stats. Why the change? Because I have heard a lot of people say that they are forgetting to post. I'm willing to make a change to make sure everyone that wanted to participate a chance to do so. Again at stake is a Xbox One Elite controller for first price, plus prices for second and third place. Submit here, send me @ChrisHayes or @LIquid- the information. If the time stamp is after 7 p.m. on November 3rd your information will not be counted. Whatever you have we will take, screen shots, journal, whatever you would like!
  3. Sounds good! Send me a text or I'll talk to you at the meeting on the third and we can work out a time!
  4. It's okay @siddichan we were well represented. I'm hoping that we can do something like this in the future, when we do I will be sure you are included!
  5. @siddichan Excellent question! Location will be at WOWT and we will be starting 9 a.m. I'm waiting on a reply for two things and then details will be posted here. At the very least I'm hoping to be playing with people on Xbox Live or Playstation Network. Once I get a reply I'll post the WOWT stream details here.
  6. until
    We are partnering with Children's Hospital and Medical Center and PretzCon to host a game day for patients and parents are Children's Hospital and Medical Center! Guild members are invited to come down and play board games with the kids and meet some of the people we are playing for! It is 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Children's Hospital and Medical Center
  7. This is going to be one of the last calls for volunteers to come and play games with patients and parents at Children's Hospital and Medical Center. The date is Thursday October, 13 5:30-7:30 p.m. If you are interested post here or message me. I want to see as many Guild Members as possible! This is a great chance for patients and their parents and other people at the hospital to see just who is playing for them and helping raise money for them. Any questions let me know! I hope to see a lot of you out there!
  8. Still at 7. I'm personally going to try and get there around 6:45 tonight (October 6th). Someone else maybe there. I'll check with the other officers and report back.
  9. Just so everyone knows where to find us we are in the right corner by the art gallery/auction area! Not too hard to find us!
  10. So Jane and Alyssa at Children's Hospital and Medical Center has given us some data from our efforts since March. The numbers are really good! It shows our efforts are really paying off! The data for people signed up goes back to 2014 and where there was 63 players signed up 45 days out of National Play Day. This time in 2015 there was 93 players signed up. Leading into National Play Day 2016 we have double that amount! 187 players are signed up with 45 days to go! Since March when we formed we have gotten 160 players signed up to play for Children's Hospital and Medical Center here in Omaha! The other information we got was showing where we rank amongst other hospitals/guilds around the country and there we also exceeding expectations too! We are in the top 30 in terms of players amongst Children's Miracle Network Hospitals! Hospitals ahead of us are in cities like Seattle, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, San Francisco, Chicago, etc., which are huge metropolitan areas and much more established base of players! We are doing awesome! Thank you to everyone that have been helping at events, coming to meetings, reaching out to leadership with ideas and doing anything you can to help! This is incredible news and something to be celebrated! Take a moment to pat yourselves on the back as we gear up for National Play Day on November 5th! This is something that without everyone's help we aren't where we are right now so thanks for all the hard work and continuing efforts to continue our quest and playing on for the kids! I will be taking a victory sip of water or coffee as we head into National Play Day and I hope every single one of that are part of this Guild are doing the same because this is some great news and really shows how much of a difference we are making!
  11. Just a reminder this starts tomorrow! Anyone that wants to help are welcome to join us! This is going to be a fun event! Our table is right by the VR stations there so there will probably be a good amount of foot traffic and chances to get people signed up for Extra Life 2016! Sign up here and let me know if you have any questions!
  12. We shouldn't have to pay. I'll let you know how to get in.
  13. I am signed up! Thanks for making the sheet @LIquid-
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