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  1. Awesome... I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything
  2. Was this ever announced (and I missed it) or are we still waiting for that announcement?
  3. I have gotten 4 sign ups so far guys... and we are right next to the main event player lists ...
  4. Super excited to be part of our first official guild event! I will be taking lots of picture (with my phone Note5 great with pictures :P).
  5. @omni_prime ok I forgot about a wedding I am going to Friday but I can help with set up and staff until about 330..Saturday I will secure a time slot... hopefully we get some more people to man this Edit: My wife maybe joining us to help Saturday as well... I will make her sign up
  6. Amazing turn out!! Do great things guys!!
  7. until

    Stopping by from Albuquerque to say congrats guys!! Do great things!!!
  8. I am game to help out with this... I have 2 of those days off (15 and 16)
  9. Both are good ideas... I will see what I can come up with... I am no artist but I am sure I can throw something together we can refine later
  10. @Sapience Thanks! I will admit I did not look for guidelines for logo design this was just a rough draft. In future drafts I will make sure all guidelines are met. @imelissa I was also thinking Sandia for a background and it would look good with the official colors (if I could color it like Anchorage's mountains)
  11. Its been almost 10 years since my last campaign... but I would totally jump into a game
  12. I am not a photoshop (well GIMP2) expert, but I dabble. I heard someone mention throwing a Zia in the middle there for our logo at the meeting. So I did... Also if anyone has any other ideas they want to see a draft of leave it here... include a picture (if you have one) and I will put it in and maybe after Leadership is chosen we can vote on our favorite.
  13. Watching your stream now.... love your overlay! wish I was good at doing stuff like that
  14. This is the start of something awesome in the 505!
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