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  1. until
    Our September guild meeting will be at Empire Boardgame Library on Weds the 26th starting at 6:30pm. As is their kind practice, Empire offers no-charge gaming that night after the meeting for any who wish to stay and play. Thank you Empire!
  2. until
    Our regular monthly Guild meeting will be this coming Wednesday evening, August 28th, at 6:30pm. We will discuss the Guild leadership opening, nearing recruitment events, and opportunities for Extra Life generally here in our fine state. Here are the minutes from July's meeting for your review. Have an excellent weekend, Chris
  3. Here are the minutes from mid-July's guild meeting.
  4. We have set the date for July's guild meeting! We will meet at Empire Board Game Library. Empire has agreed to offer guild member no-charge gaming for that evening for any who wish to stay and play a few board games. Thank you Empire! We will start the meeting at 6:30pm. I hope to see many of you there! Chris Holm Secretary, Extra Life Guild
  5. Happy Independence Day! Here is a link to the minutes from June's Guild meeting.
  6. until
    Hello all,After a long summer break, we will hold the August Guild Meeting at Empire Board Game Library!We will hold elections for Guild President (or discuss nominations), and we will discuss upcoming recruitment opportunities for our Guild to promote Extra Life.See you all at 6:30pm this Wednesday!-Chris Holm, Secretary
  7. islander

    Guild Meeting

    Our first Guild meeting of 2018 is upon us. Our meeting will be held on the 6th floor of the main UNM Children's Hospital, as we did several times last year. Hope to see you there! Chris Holm Guild Secretary
  8. until
    We will hold the August Guild Meeting up on the 6th Floor at the UNM hospital. Here is a map of the 6th floor==> We will meet at letter A, behind the door at number 1. See you all at 7pm! -Chris Holm, Secretary
  9. We had a recruitment day at Empire Boardgame Library! It was a last-minute thing
  10. (High Performance Gamers is a small team playing in late October -- due to a pending baby arrival!) I am captaining the team over at Active Imagination this year. Here's the link to team ImagineAction (the team for Empire Board Game Library)
  11. September's meeting's minutes are now available. Please review them prior to next Wednesday's meeting (on the 12th!)
  12. Here is a forum where we can collect link to all the various Extra Life teams around our state. Scout these out and see/borrow what you like into your team's page! Enjoy -- #ForTheKids
  13. Here is mine -- using the shortcut tool at the top of your edit page can make it so much easier for your facebook friends to find your page!
  14. Hello folks I thought it would be great to start a thread about the links to each of our personal fundraising pages. This will make it easy for us to scout around and see what is cool on each other's pages. We surely will find some good sentences to borrow from each other! Post away!
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