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  1. Okie dokie see you around then on twitch. My channel is Akkadianknight.
  2. which would you like to see first Total war or Dawn of war? More story and campaign for dawn of war than Total war though. Any specific time today?
  3. For the total war and warhammer games they are rts games. With total war you can auto manage the settlements which means you can concentrate on the battles and conquering aspect. Although if you totally ignore the settlements they can become unhappy and riot. Warhammer focuses on weapon and equipment upgrades more with smaller squads and spawn bases. In Total war only units in the immediate area can participate in the battle with upgrades to units coming as they survive battles and gain XP that way but if they die they lose that rank and perks. If you like these games I recommend a game series called mount and blade it is alot of fun as well. Starcraft focuses on the battle at hand and not occupying multiple locations with a goal of domination of the other areas. If you would like I can stream total war for you guys so you can see how it works and warhammer so you can see how they play different from starcraft. Let me know. Basically I will play and you can ask questions.
  4. I have played both Total war and warhammer for years. Its like with this one they combined two of my favorite PC games into one. I do not have this one as of yet but will for sure add it. What questions do you have? A really good series both of these are. I am looking forward to playing this one hopefully soon.
  5. I'm not sure on this one but I will put it out there. I am very excited about Watch Dogs 2 I think so far it looks amazing and that the devs really put passion into it. I feel they listened to those of us who gave feedback and what we wanted to see. There are a few others I want to check out but do not have the mulah for, although i have tried all year to be a good boy I am not sure Santa is gonna be able to bring them all this year. They are: No Mans Sky, Watch Dogs 2, Battlefield 1, I would like Overwatch because no doubt it is fun, The Warhammer and Total War awesome mash-up called of course Total War: Warhammer (two of my favs in one). Most of these may not be E3 worthy but figured I would tell what i am looking forward to this year. One game I did see coming out too is Kingdom hearts 3 which I was one of the first games I played and had no problem replaying because the story was awesome to me. I mean my friends at that time were crazy for halo so having a game I could play aside from rocket launchers and plasma grenades was nice. Ah I almost forgot Scalebound mostly because I like dragons a lot. Recore is another that peeks my interest but I fear its gonna be like adding a pet to Destiny. I have not played the Mass Effect games but spent a whole day watching all of the cut scenes that someone made into movies on YouTube and was mesmerized by the story lines for sure. What makes anyone think their next one will not be just as good in that aspect? I have a lot of catching up to do in the gaming world I know so if I seem late to the scene in some areas I apologize everyone.
  6. The photos really turned out awesome! I know we really had fun Definitely look forward to going back again but hopefully with more people next time for sure. Thank you guys for the fun time.
  7. Hey everyone, So I know it was mentioned at the leadership meeting that we should get the streamers all on one page and get schedules and such so that we can do what we can to promote our guild streamers. What about a Discord channel for the Buffalo Extra Life Guild? I mean I hate to break up how people host or promote their friends and subscriber hosting but I would host one of the other streamers here in order to promote them and help them reach their goals. I know about one group and like hanging out on that channel but I think it would be nice to promote our fellow guild mates at some point. Also what about the Facebook group page any news? I mean would it be ok to have a Facebook group called Buffalo Extra Life Guild?
  8. Hey everyone, I am doing Black Desert Online a little here lately, I also do BF4, Destiny, GTA V and have not been on the division here lately although some high-enders are wanting to carry me to get the good loot. The latest patch trailer seems like it will make things even harder for those of us who have fallen behind in the dark zone. Interestingly enough though I do look forward to Overwatch as well but I only got to test it for a few hours so not a hundred percent on it since I am more used to the long matches of COD and BF or even HOtS. I am also looking forward to the new Warhammer and the Warhammer Total War as I am a big fan of the Total War games. Actually recently got Attilla which really delves more into the cultures. I need to do some upgrades to my PC mainly add another 8 GB of RAM to be able to handle a bit more, and maybe look into adding a webcam of some sort for the streams. I also need some help spicing up my stream channel as mine is pretty bland. Most of what my friends and I do while gaming is silly and out there hence why we started a team or guild called Pigeons of Mass Distraction on every game we play that is multiplayer online. I have even talked with friends about doing a Magic the Gathering (the physical cards one) night where we play across skype and stream it but my friends don't really do Magic the Gathering. I prefer to play EDH so I may end up back at Dark Forest on Friday Nights to play EDH with them. I think we should have a Buffalo Extra Life Guild Channel on dischord so that the PC Streamers can have others locally they can bring into streams and game together with on games like HOtS or something else maybe even run some bank heists in Payday calling it Heists for the kids or something I mean I have the Santa Mask on there lol. Oh well figured I would try to contribute to the post a little.
  9. Welcome Deb and husband! We are more than happy to have you guys aboard. Hopefully will see you guys at the upcoming guild meeting or event.
  10. Man so I created a team this year for me and my friends and now it says I cannot move over to the Buffalo Guild Team. Any ideas on how to delete a team page or give someone else the leadership?
  11. Hey Bubba, Yup since there is one who does look like me in Hawaii. Funny part is we are friends lol. So yes Marty Moses Walton on Facebook. Sorry about that.
  12. I agree with you there Bubba. My Info: Facebook: Marty Walton Xbox Live: Akkadian830 Steam: Anubianknight Discord: Akkadianknight Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/akkadianknight Hope to see you guys around.
  13. Sorry had to add the link guys.
  14. There is going to be a mini comic con and gaming event here in North Tonawanda on April 30th. Would this be a good event for us to do? Gives us a little over a week to get a hold of them and see about getting a table or something. Here is a link to the site not sure who should contact them but I think it would be an awesome first event for us as a guild. Let me know what you guys think. Thank you, Akkadianknight Sorry for got the link http://www.lilconconvention.com/home.html
  15. Hey I'm in and may have a friend that can help. Let me know the days and times.
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