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  1. Terrul

    Shirts First Run

    This year are we going to be able to get our Name/slogan/nickame on them?
  2. With Bawls Energy drinks, I just went to http://www.bawls.com/sponsorship and put in a event i believe and someone emailed me back. It was super easy. I did inquire it early. I would say to contact them a month before the event.
  3. Social Media is for ever in your favor. When I get ready to stream I blast it all over Facebook, Facebook Groups i'm a member of, and Twitter. As far as followers/viewers go. Most of mine are people I've met in others streams. There is a difference between poaching and meeting/making friends.
  4. Terrul

    Social Gaming FTK

    I am Terrul on Twitch, Terrul00 on Xbox Live, and Terrul86 on Steam and Playstation Network.Here is a list of my PC games on steam. I'm down to play whatever, the more the better.
  5. Terrul


    I would like an XL with Terrul on the back/top.
  6. Terrul

    Guild Launch

    Have to agree with @CAWZY! It was very nice to meet everyone!
  7. I also play a lot on Xbox and Steam. Xbox - Terrul00 PSN - Terrul86 Steam - Terrul86
  8. I don't know if my heart could take that! lol
  9. Terrul


    I love the idea of the shirts and are names on the back. I'd pay extra for that.
  10. Thank you! I played a lot of random games. The few that had the most viewers were Moral Kombat 9 and X, Portal, and Five Nights at Freddy's.
  11. Hello everyone, my name is Terry Russell. I'm new to the Extra Life scene. I participated the last two months of last year and i'm back early this year! Looking forward to Game Day!
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