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  1. What times will there be for the event? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Was asked to upload some pictures to the Extra Life forum of some pictures that I got to take during ECCC so here they are! If y'all wanna post some pictures you got from the Con go ahead and upload them here so we have that space. I have some more for when I was volunteering for the booth, and I'm not really sure which ones I should upload but if my memory serves me right some of these people should be ones who signed up for EL during our time there.
  3. until

    If you go to the fourth floor im there. I can head to the escalators there and meet up with you?
  4. until

    Does anyone have the contact info for todays team leader? I'm here a bit ealier than 30 minutes and dont actually have the contact info to say and get in?
  5. Yes. Like if we wanted to raise money not during gameday and such then we can share it here and spread the word to our circle.
  6. until

    I'm sorry if this hasn't gotten through for message or you hadn't seen my message yet but I'd like to sign up for sunday at 10-1 (Terri Nguyen)
  7. If anyone wanted us to possibly spread the word about their next Charity stream or stuff for Extra Life you can possibly post it here. I myself don't have a long reach in social media but any coverage could go a long way!
  8. Ah dang I was gonna try it til you said I had to pay, well then again there are some programs that twith recommends. Hopefully it's free cause I've got a strict "free" budget.
  9. Oooh yes twitch talk! My twitch is well... FairFacadeCyndrome. Before my current problem with obs and my pc going wacky I would usually stream on pc and stream on ps4. My streaming schedule is random most of the time as my mood to stream is not often. The games I usually stream on the pc are: town of salem, visceral clean up (all packs), sometimes binding of Isaac if the bf allows it, undertale, and for I think charity purposes amnesia and something else. For ps4 the games are: gta5, previously last of us, destiny, dark souls and soon bloodborne! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Dude yeah piece mealing from the stuff in my wardrobe is usually what I do too. I've seen like a few leather tutorials though. Should probably post them here.
  11. My names Terri or Cynndrome/ Cynn from my twitch and social media. I am also quite new to extra life and not that all familiar with the community but really hope to get to know a lot of you and hopefully get very involved here!
  12. until

    The burien area of Seattle, in White Center. It's fine I'll just take a bus.
  13. until

    I was wondering if there could be carpooling too? Since I dont have a ride but if there isnt I could use bus.
  14. As of recent complications with my computer I have to find a new stream set up. I was previously using OBS as the program to stream with but I was also curious of what streaming programs others use as well as the setup you may have for your settings?
  15. Like kurt said Ninja is a game where each person can move only one spot. This includeds stepping, jumping, or rolling on the ground when I usually play. You use your hands like your lives, depending on how you play either each hand can be a life or both hands count as one if there are a lot of people playing. Once your hands get touched by someone else during someone elses turn then you put that hand behind your back or get out if both hands are out. Usually the turn goes clock wise or counter clock wise and we pick the first person to start the game randomly. Costume ninja is basically the same but with the players wearing costumes like dress up. Also I've kind of wanted to ask this for awhile now but what is a LAN party? I know it's a get together but what is it exactly? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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