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  1. I can do saturday morning and sunday night!
  2. Here is the link to the group! It is closed so we can manage the page and to keep track of everything.
  3. Here is the schedule so far we still need a bit of help in some slots. Saturday 10-2:30pm Christian Davis Ben Miller Alex Miller Saturday 2:30-7pm Matt Layman Zach Oran Sunday 11-1:30pm Jessica Polson Logan Sims Stephanie Trotter (Barger) Sunday 1:30-5pm Christian Davis (3-5) Stephanie Trotter (Barger) Please reply as soon as possible if you can be there and what times! Thank you! Stephanie
  4. Hellllllo! If you have any conventions we might want to attend post it here! Additionally, we will be all posting here for information about upcoming conventions and ideas for the conventions.
  5. Hey everyone! Hope you all enjoyed the meeting and those who couldn't come this is where we will talk about all getting together and hanging out. Can't wait to hear from you all!
  6. Okay here is where we are going to discuss movie events we may want to attend in order to recruit. A few thoughts from the meeting tonight were: Civil War Dr. Strange X-Men Warcraft Suicide Squad
  7. This is where we will want to post more ideas as we go along and prep for future meetings! Thanks, Stephanie aka Nerdy
  8. This may be a silly question but where do we send potential recruits? Just to the website? I have a few people interested and wasn't sure. Thanks!
  9. Hey there! Thanks for offering help! Once I can get my schedule locked down I will probably come to you with a few questions! Thanks, Stephanie
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