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  1. For the sake of community and getting together to play some, I thought I would start a thread to share our gamer tags across various platforms, I'll start with mine: - Bayuriel#1824 Steam - Bayuriel Playstation Network - Bayuriel-1986 Feel free to add me, and contribuyte with your own if you want!
  2. Apologies for not making it tonight, went to pick up my girlfriend and on the way she became very sick and we had to go back home, sorry guys.
  3. I'll be there and am hopefully bringing a friend or two.
  4. Could we get someone from CMN to go through more formal channels maybe?
  5. Just wanted to get the discussion about MTAC representation for the guild going, who do we need to contact about making inroads to get a table or something set up so we can recruit, who is willing to put time in, etc.
  6. Absolutely, great time tonight seeing people eager to make this stuff happen.
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