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  1. until

    Hope I can make it but depends if I can finish some homework before the meeting. Putting myself down as a maybe (Christopher Potter); if you can also add Julia Seward as a maybe too that would be great!
  2. Chipinators


    Hey All, So I'm not sure if any of you have heard of it before but I was wondering if the Extra Life community would ever look into getting a Discord server? (or maybe there is one I haven't found?) I know you guys have been trying to push the website's chatroom but personally it would be nice to have a Discord server that I could be connected to all the time without having to keep an extra browser tab open just for a chatroom. For those who don't know what Discord is, it's a free text and VoIP chat service designed specifically for gamers. Creating a server is simple and takes no time at all to setup the basic. If this were to happen there are two ways I could see it: either Extra Life as a whole created a server and then have chat rooms broken out into regions, or each region can create their own server. Personally I'd vote on a one massive server to keep the community as a whole together. Also here's a funny video on why you should switch to Discord instead of using Skype, TeamSpeak, or any other VoIP/Chat service for gaming.
  3. I love how you guys took your profile photo at the Guild Meeting last night.. 


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