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  1. Hello GR Extra Lifers! My name is Robert. This will be my third year doing extra life. I learned of Extra Life from seeing posts on twitter and seeing streams on Twitch TV. My first year I did it as an individual. This past year I put together a small group of friends in a team. I'm from the grand rapids area. I 've been in waste sales for 17yrs with a local trash hauler. Yes I'm OLD! Well I guess 37 isn't so bad . I'm a variety gamer. I like to have several games that I'm playing. I'm a big Xbox fan! However, Recently I have been getting more into pc gaming . Right now I'm currently playing Tomb Raider on steam. I also have recently enjoyed Diablo III. I tend to get excited about one game and then another comes out and then I move to that one. It’s a never ending fantastic cycle. I enjoy meeting new people in the gaming community that I can play games online with. I recently have been working on getting my gameroom/pc set up upgraded so I can start streaming on Twitch TV. I'm almost there. I enjoy watching some twitchtv @n3rdfusion @bacon_donut to just name a couple. Yes, I like to also watch people play games . I look forward to getting involved with the guild this year and meeting you all. Robert Xbox: REDWING CHAMP Steam: redwingchamp187 Twitter: @redwingchamp187
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