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  1. and by 'this' i mean the node/javascript version a few posts above. The flash/air one is ded.
  2. This should still be working this year, in case anyone's in need of text files for layouts.
  3. Sorry guys the servers are having trouble keeping up and I didn't build in any catch blocks, so you're gonna get errors every now and again. You can restart it when it errors out
  4. I'm busy with my son right now but if you still need help in a few hours I'll post a video.
  5. Oh, and here's the link to this year's fundraiser for me if anyone feels so inclined with the update. Thanks yall
  6. Cool, sorry, i didn't get e-mail alerts about your edits otherwise I would have stopped back in to help. Glad you got it closer to what you're looking for
  7. So i know it's last minute, and only half the functionality, but I have something that writes out the text files like it did on the previous version. It doesn't have any of the alert functionality, but has all the same text files as the previous version. You'll need to install node from, download the zip from and check out the readme inside for specific info. Let me know if something's broken.
  8. 1. Not without me making a change to the code, I just tossed it on the desktop because why not. 2. I believe those already exist by combining the text files for each of those things? I probably won't do any more updates to this, since Adobe Air sucks giant butt. If I wrote it again it might be in node or spring as a runnable jar. But with all the other tools out there that were (somehow) able to get actual blessing from the extra life folks, I'm not sure it'd be worth it. I've asked multiple multiple multiple times about rate limits or getting a whitelisted API or websocket or something, and never gotten anywhere, which is why it has to be a client-side thing, rather than a webapp. So... yeah... What's there is probably where it will rest for eternity, sorry.
  9. Should be fixed in the latest version... I think when I had to update my AIR version, there were some changes to the way it handled the internal SQL database, so things were being marked as 'flashed' regardless of whether that alert had already flashed in the tracker. New download link
  10. Fixed a bug where the alerts weren't working. Apparently in the new version of air, it was marking all donations as if they'd already been flashed, regardless if they had or not. New Download Link
  11. Just got word that there's a bug there that alerts for new donations aren't firing. Going to try and figure that out tomorrow. I'll post here once i get it sorted.
  12. Does the 'test alert' work? @binarycupcakes Just did a test donation to my page and saw the same behavior. Sees the donation, but no alert. I'll look into this tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up.
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