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  1. Hi I'm Minion or Mandy. I am new to Extra Life and I chose to do Extra Life for the first time this year because I know the struggles that kids face. I was born with medical issues and been in the hospital I know the financial struggles my mom had to go though and now that I'm older I decided to help out others in the same position. I'm supporting Boston Children's Hospital. I am not apart of any Guilds you have. When I'm not helping kids out I'm helping animals volunteering at shelters around town, reading books and going to college for my veterinary assistant degree. What I'd like others to know is that I am new to Extra Life, but not new to the struggles families face with being in the hospital and the costs of procedures and invasive treatments. I love to help out anyway I can I been there and I know what they face daily and can sympathize with them. Anything else don't hesitate to ask me.
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