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  1. I've looked into Beam a bit. Anyone find any fun interactive buttons for Extra Life integration? I can think of a couple of really good idea but I have no idea how to implement them. Just trying to see if there are any cool things already built for Extra Life that would make it worth trying out Beam for a while.
  2. Hello Kansas City Extra Lifers! I just wanted to take a second to invite you to an Extra Life event that LeagueKC is hosting next month at SoPro Gaming. It will be League of Legends focused but if you don't play, there will still be plenty to do, see and raffle prizes to win! If anyone is interested in hosting an Extra Life booth or helping out sell raffle tickets or anything at the event, please let me know, we can always use a few extra hands! Here is the link to the Facebook event and here is our website with more information on the event.
  3. I've recruited 12 players so far for KU Med! Hopefully with the stats that means an extra $1200!
  4. Pretty new to the forum, figured I'd post my Twitch account. Trying to stream a little more often to raise some awareness for Extra Life!
  5. We did this a while back with League of Legends. We were streaming some 1v1s. Donate a dollar and you get to pick one persons next champ they play. Donate $5, that person has to play locked camera. Donate $20 and they can only use one hand. That sort of thing. It worked reasonably well, but only for people that had played League before, otherwise they didn't really care what champs we played.
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