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  1. Hey all! Just a reminder that our August meeting is coming up this coming Tuesday Aug 16th at 6:30 at seasons in turkey creek. It would be great if we could get our attendance numbers back up and I would like to be able to give them an approximate number. Can I get a hand count on everyone that plans on coming with some comments? I'm hopeful that this can be a long term home for us. Let's make a good first impression and have them want us. Thanks. Alex
  2. Hey Knox, Just throwing out a reminder to everyone that our monthly meeting will be tomorrow, June 21 at 6:30 pm. We are going to be meeting in a meeting room at the hospital again this time, as Calhoun's proved a bit loud. Fan Boy is coming up this weekend so this is a really important meeting and I hope everyone can attend. Directions to the meeting room are below. it is a different room than the one that we has previously so please check the directions. Schmid B Conference Room. You can park in the Children's Hospital garage. Once you park in the garage, walk up the sidewalk between the Medical Office Building and Koppel Plaza and around to the front of Koppel Plaza (the building faces 21st St.) and enter through the sliding doors. When you get inside, take the elevator to the second floor and exit to the right, take the hallway to the right, go past the restrooms and turn left then follow the hallway to the end and the door to the James D. Schmid Conference Room B is on the right. The placard outside the room should list it as Extra Life Guild Meeting. -Thanks Alex
  3. Hey Knox, Below is the signup sheet for FanBoy Expo which is June 24th-26th. Thanks to everyone who already signed up for a shift at the last meeting. After talking with you guys, I did tweak a couple of shifts and made them a bit shorter with later start times and not as much break down time at night, so just make sure you go by the times below please. If the rest of you can work any of the shifts still available please post below and I will schedule you in. This might be our biggest event of the year, so let's try and go into it prepared and fully staffed! We are looking for four people at the booth at all times, so if you see a shift without four then we still need help there. Also, I know some of you signed up for multiple shifts at the meeting (Stephen and Matt) and and that is super awesome and we very well might end up needing you to work multiple days, but I wanted to just put you down for one as of now to give more guildies an opportunity to sign up if they want to be a part of it. If we get closer to the Expo and still have holes I will double you guys up. Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers, Alex Friday, June 24th- show hours 1pm-7pm Shifts: 12pm-4pm (setup from 12-1) 1. Ellen Cole 2. Zach 3. 4. 4pm-7pm 1. 2. 3. 4. Saturday, June 25th- show hours 10am-6pm Shifts: 9:30am-12pm 1. Stephen Marcum 2. Stephanie Barger 3. 4. 12pm-3pm 1. Matt Layman 2. Zach Oran 3.Nichole Oran 4. Bobby Westerfield 3pm-6pm 1. Ben Miller 2. Blake Arnold 3. 4. Sunday, June 26th- show hours 11am-5pm Shifts: 10:30am-2pm 1. Coty Howell 2. Jessica Polson 3. Jeramy Duggan 4. Logan Sims 2pm-5:30pm (breakdown after 5) 1. Alex Miller 2. Stephanie Barger 3. 4.
  4. Hey Knox! Just a reminder that our second full guild meeting is tomorrow, Tuesday May 17th, at 6:30 at Calhouns on Kingston pike near Pellisippi Pkwy. We have the meeting loft reserved and there will be a limited menu offered with everyone being responsible for their own food and drink. Calhoun's has made some exceptions to their normal meeting loft requirements for us so it would be amazing if we could have great attendance and for as many of us as possible to actually order some food or something. Look forward to seeing you all there! Let me know if you have any questions. -Alex
  5. I dig the one with the trees man. Great job. My only question is why is the sunsphere part transparent? Is that just for effect or artistic purposes? Just stood out to me that I can see the top of the mountain in the bottom of the sphere. Maybe I'm just being picky. I really like the overall design though. Personally I'm good with some version of this. Thanks for mocking that up so quickly. -Alex
  6. Hey knox! I'm excited to announce that our first real meeting will be held this Tuesday, April 19th, at 6:30 pm in the same meeting room as our kickoff meeting. So sorry for the short notice, but it would be awesome if you guys can make it work and attend. We will be discussing some info important to moving forward as well as our First big event, Marble city Comicon, which is right around the corner on April 23rd and 24th. Please do your best to attend and if you have any questions please ask! Cheers, Alex
  7. Hey guys! Hope everyone is well. So marble city is right around the corner and I really need to hammer out a schedule for having the booth manned. We are going to have 4 passes available to us and ideally we will have 4 of us at all times to maximize impact and efficiency. The Con is April 23rd from 10-6 and April 24th from 11-5. We have to have the booth setup by 9:30 on Saturday. What I need to know is both who can work and what day and time. If you can work please post below and let me know your availability between open or morning or afternoon on either or both days. This is our first big event guys, so let's turn out strong and make a big impact! P.s. still trying to squeeze a meeting in before the con if possible. Thinking next Tuesday the 19th at 6:30 but details haven't been hammered out quite yet. Stay tuned to find out for sure. Thanks all! -Alex
  8. Hey Knox Vegas! Hope everyone is doing great! I know that everbody has been chomping at the bit since kickoff to take the next step, so I wanted to communicate a bit of preliminary information on a couple of things and also get some feedback on getting started. First off, we have secured a table at Marble City Comicon for our first big event. Big thanks to Ellen for coming through on this as she was able to get in touch with them, get the table, and has agreed to provide an Xbox and a tv for some booth entertainment! The Con is coming up soon on April 23 and 24 and we need people to man the table in shifts. A sign up sheet is in the works but if you guys want to go ahead and chime in here if you are interested in working it then please do so we know. Also, we are hoping to have our first meeting prior to Marble City so that we can be well prepared and make the biggest impact possible. As of right now Ellen has said that we can probably get a room at the hospital again, but if you guys have any ideas as to somewhere else that we can hold meetings that might be a bit more fun then definitely speak up. Also, if anyone has certain days that they wouldn't be able to attend the meetings then let us know. I can't promise that we settle on a day that works for everyone every time but we will do our best! We will post more concrete info very soon. I'm super excited and know you all are as well! -Alex
  9. Info coming really soon guys! Stay tuned and keep that enthusiasm!
  10. Way to go! That sounds like a great start to me! Nice initiative. ?
  11. Sapience, Awesome! Thanks for the information. -Alex
  12. Hey Knox, Hope everyone is well. I'm currently engrossed in the Division and loving every second of it! 10/10 would recommend. I really just wanted to post and ask if anyone knows what our next step is now that we have the kickoff out of he way? Will there by communication regarding the next meeting date and time? Didn't recall this being covered at kick-off. Looking forward to getting going! Thanks, Alex
  13. I have just recently started streaming and doing YouTube content creation as well man. The first time I ever streamed anything was actually my Extra-Life 24 hour marathon last year. Had a great time doing it and just recently upgraded my setup to where I am using an actual capture card and webcam and software and such as opposed to just the Xbox twitch app. Definitely makes a huge difference! I don't know if I really have any amazing tips or tricks so far, as I am still learning, but I do think that if done the right way our collective streams can certainly be a helpful tool for spreading awareness about Extra-Life and raising more money for those Kiddos. It will also be a fun thing to discuss among guild members and build some bonds since it seems to be a common interest for a lot of us!
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