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  1. Sure, I didn't mean the versus as a negative sense either. Page has been deleted as requested.
  2. Hey @ApollaPiper - Welcome! So fun and look forward to what the future brings for the guild!
  3. Agreed.. I'll see if I can make it up there to support at a minimum if you guys need it @kylez0rz
  4. Hey, Sorry for the delay in responding. We had spoke to @Doc who said that it would be fine as a way to promote events while still keeping the core here and keeping it understood. The importance would be to highlight where the guild is and what is doing to keep the public known. There are many who don't want to be in the guild but would come to events and such which can help push forward. Facebook has been integral in that. It's more a public venue. I do concur with @MajorLinux You are losing a ton of possibilities in expansion in this way. I'm not here to rabble rouse ofcourse, and if the core team decide to go with @Sapience vs @Doc I'll be more then happy to delete it. I think that is a huge mistake for Extra Life though, in my opinion.
  5. Pretty cool, we now know the number we got to beat next time
  6. Hey Guys, Go down for TL;DR The Long Pitch Here: So let me start out with that I am not going to do anything or go crazy - but I am going to present ideas for the Guild (THE TEAM) to consider. So I am putting this stuff out here to see what you guys think. We agree as a group that it works or we don't. If you disagree, I may engage passionately but ultimately we all need to agree or majority agree or this doesn't work. So here is my ideas.. As some of you know from last night, I own my own Company where we do reviews, skits, political stuff, etc. I was also an Analyst for Verizon Wireless for over 7 years specifically trained to interpret and understand human behavior. I used this to determine trends and what makes people want to buy stuff. One of the things I have seen for Charities to be successful is for them to create a sense of community. Extra Life coming to our town is an example of that. If you remember the discussion 'You're a guild of players that interface here locally, and with other guilds'. Extra Life is building small communities that come together. We're a team, We're a guild, We're a national effort ... We. Are. Extra-Life. So I think it behooves us to move in that direction as well. There would be two fronts of the Extra Life Nashville Guild. Our Nashville Community side .. So Where we place events, topics, hey look at this, we'll be here come hang out.. This will be done Via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It may expand past that but start small. The core group, where we keep everything focused and not community side is here. That way we can stay focused and keep on task. My Company has also pledged to give a part of our advertising budget to immediately begin promoting the social media as soon as we're comfortable with what we have. And I am fine with putting all of it together and setting up the core group as admins. TL;DR I created a Facebook Page - I think it will help us promote the Guild and raise awareness. My company will advertise it a bit. What do you guys think, yay or nay? (See what I did there? DO YOU SEE IT!?)
  7. Yea, It's easy to get excited in the first day.. and in the first month.. If we're still this way come december.. That will be a feat
  8. Hey Guys! WHAT WHAT! It was alot of fun meeting all of you guys Had a terrific time learning and meeting folks, can't wait to get this party started!
  9. Hey All, James from the TGH Crew. I am lucky enough to be an online Critic full time (mainly with Youtube, but we use other formats to). We've been doing Extra Life for about 3+ years and have raised thousands for the Monroe Children's Hospital (Which takes care my nephew). The crew is very passionate about helping people and we hope that we can be integral in this as well. I hope that the Nashville Guild grows and expands! -James
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