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  1. Please arrive 15 minutes before your shift in order for someone to bring you your badges. Please message me on Facebook when you arrive. If you are bringing items to sell at the booth, please be sure to have all items labeled/tagged. General Information: 2 Chairs are available at the table. They may be a power supply, but it's not guaranteed. Please make sure you have the recruitment app on your phone. The tablet will be available. There will be a few paper signup forms as backup. If you end of using these, please review the form and make sure all information is legible. Any other questions? Ask Away! (All booth items will be setup at the table before your shifts) Saturday 10-2 Jessie/Brandi 1-4 Brie 2-6 Christiy/Todd Sunday 10-1:30 Jessie/Brandi/Matt 1:30-5 Christiy/Todd
  2. allthewayj

    November Guild Meeting

    Social event to discuss how game days went and get ready for Planet Comicon in Feb
  3. allthewayj

    October Guild Meeting

  4. allthewayj

    KCGameOn Event

    Recruitment at marathon
  5. allthewayj

    September Guild Meeting

    Place TBD
  6. allthewayj

    First Fridays w/LocalLegend

    Recruitment event at pawn and pint
  7. allthewayj

    First Fridays w/LocalLegend

    Recruitment Event at Pawn and Pint
  8. allthewayj

    KCGameOn Event

    Recruitment event at KCGameOn Marathon
  9. allthewayj

    August Guild Meeting

    Meeting place TBD
  10. allthewayj

    July Guild Meeting

    Meeting place TBD
  11. allthewayj


    Recruitment Event at KantCon 2018
  12. allthewayj

    June Guild Meeting

    June Guild Meeting
  13. allthewayj

    First Fridays w/LocalLegend

    Joint recruitment event with Local Legends Gaming at First Fridays!
  14. allthewayj

    MakerFaire Kansas City

    Recruiting for Extra Life at MakerFaire KC 2018!
  15. allthewayj

    "I'm going to Extra Life United 2018" Thread

    WOOOO COOKIES! Yep, husband is coming too. He's playing this year, signing him up this weekend!