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    Last Call for Dinner and Laser Tag!!!
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    Awh Jim nooo!!! Feel better!
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    UPDATE! Due to lack of attendance because of illnesses going around, this event has been postponed. It will no longer be held on June 29th - It has been moved to Thursday July 7th. The Extra Life Pittsburgh Guild Entertainment Committee is planning Dinner and Laser tag as our next upcoming social night out. We will meet at 6 pm at Plaza Azteca in Robinson. Menu and Location details can be found on Then, after dinner, join us for a rousing game of laser tag at Xtreme Laser Storm Robinson On Thursday nights they have a "Fire till you Tire" special where $15 lets you play for 2 hours. They guarantee at least three games for this price. Please let us know if you plan on attending as we need to call ahead with a group of ten or more. If we have that many we might even get a discount! Can't wait to hear from everyone!
  5. Yummy yummy chinese food!!!!! We cant wait!
  6. Good Morning Pittsburgh Guild! Next Friday (May 6th) we are planning a hibachi/chinese buffet dinner! This is for two reasons. 1 to celebrate the awesome job the Tekko volunteers did signing up new gamers! 2. To get to know all you crazy kids. And also because we just really like hibachi and chinese food! I hope you can all attend!!
  7. HELLO WORLD! Super excited to on the Entertainment committee! I can't wait to hang out with all of you! Feel free to contact any of us with ideas, suggestions, funny jokes, just to say hello...:D
  8. Since I've not gotten many responses to this, i decided to pick a day. How does Friday May 6th sound to everyone?!
  9. until

    Gah! My mom returns from Africa that day. I have to pick her up from the airport.
  10. Good Morning Pittsburgh Gamers! As most of you know, this last weekend was a big success at Tekko! We signed up 90+ people for the cause! To celebrate our success we're planning a chinese/hibachi food outing. We just need to know when you're all available! Please fill out the poll so we can start planning!
  11. I'm taking Friday off so I can help with setup and such if you need.
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