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  1. Spazecowboy

    What are you planning to play?

    Sure, I meant specific titles though. That way we can hit on more of what the group has so we could possibly join up at some point. D3, sounds like fun and my guess is a lot of people have it. I was thinking about some Left 4 Dead might be in order as well. I'd even be up for some Unreal Tournament . Lots of options, but if we don't all have a copy installed it won't be much fun waiting for each other to DL and install...
  2. Spazecowboy

    What are you planning to play?

    I am planning on mainly PC play, I will get more specific on it later, just wanted to provoke some thought on the matter.
  3. Spazecowboy

    Your EL Play Day Plans

    You have something set up for a group yet? We need to plan on what games to have ready on PC's as well.
  4. Spazecowboy

    Hey Des Moines!

    Finally joined, sorry I put it off so long. Just glad to have another way to communicate.