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  1. Forgot to mention that it starts 8am EST.
  2. I will be conducting my first stream event ever on Saturday the 20th of February. I will be playing League of Legends, Squad, and The Division open beta. Please stop by my stream and offer any advice or comments! Thanks!
  3. Hello I join Extra Life last week and will be doing a 24 hour gaming stream this Saturday. I have downloaded some overlays and buttons as well as informed many about my stream-a-thon. I do have some questions as to being new and hope I can get some guidance. 1. How do I link my donation button to my pay pal account. 2. When someone donates does the money automatically get transferred to pay pal and then to my donation page, or do I need to transfer after i'm all finished. 3. is there a video tutorial on how to properly set up your Extra Life overlays with OBS / Twitch? I see the streampro website but I am having issues showing the overlay on my stream, where as on my obs it shows up no problem. Overall how do I properly prep my stream with links and progress meters back to my account. thanks!
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