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  1. I have to rescind my availability. I have to finalize things with the leasing office that afternoon and I don't have PTO left to be flexible. Sorry guys!
  2. I have drill that weekend #dutycalls #iwontgettomeethercules
  3. Woooo congrats everyone! Cheers to a great year!
  4. I'm down. Kyle too. We are one unit. Lol!
  5. I took the liberty of ordering some stickers to slap around. Just a few though for sample. If ya think it's good, I'll get more. I should get the order by the end of the month and will post the finished the product upon receipt and/or present it at the next meeting. - Herchelle FYI. I currently gave up Facebook for Lent thus why I am posting here and not there. Plus just trying to give our community page some life!
  6. Name: Herchelle (her-shell) Aliases: Hershey, Hersh, Chelle, Herchelley Neighborhood: Southside/Baymeadows Gaming Extra Life Page: Donate Here ;) Extra Life Team: Extra Life Jacksonville PSN(PS4): chelleleggs Social Media Facebook: Herchelle Llanes Instagram: ellehcreh Fun Fact: Beans are cool. Cheerio!
  7. Greetings Everyone! It's me - Herchelle aka Hershey aka Kyle's girlfriend. I have uploaded exclusive photos from Amelia Con 2016. It's on my Flickr account for your viewing pleasure. I couldn't fit them in this post because the files are too large. Please don't forget to credit the photog, either myself or AnnaMarie, if you're gonna share any photos on your personal social media pages. Special thanks to Sovany for designing the Guild Logo which I placed as our official watermark for all Extra Life Jacksonville photos Here's the link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/chelleleggs/ Cheerio! Herchelle Extra Life Jacksonville Guild Member
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