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  1. Bread, One of my buddies figured out fixing it for the three digit hour. He also applied a fix and submitted a pull request on github so you can just implement it for other people should they want it. Thanks!
  2. Hey Bread! I am not running my EL 250 hour stream until Nov 8th, so I have time. If you could look into that and help me out I would be most appreciated. I am not familiar enough with JS to know what I am looking at unfortunately.
  3. Hey @bread_man, last year you gave me an updated version of this to accommodate my over 100 hour stream. Is there any updates in this years build that I need to be made aware of, or can I just use the previous years you provided to me? Thanks!
  4. GET YOUR PARTY HATS ON GUYS, TOMORROW IS THE BIG DAY! I hope you all have your gaming plans ready. I will be on standby if anyone has any questions during the stream or you need some technical assistance. Just find me on Facebook (Kyle Sawdy) if you are in need of help. I am here to support you guys in any way I can! Also, post your streams here, and what time you will be going live! I will try to watch as many of them as I can, so we can all have a great game day! Play games; Heal kids!
  5. Did anyone get into the Overwatch beta? Are you looking forward to it? Why or why not? Discuss!
  6. It didn't sound like OP had it set up as a mirror to begin with.
  7. Fallout 4, Overwatch, Battleborn (Pretty much Overwatch, but Gearbox).
  8. I would love to play with you guys sometime, too. I have a TeamSpeak server, or we can also just use Skype, the classic communication. VagrantWolf#1237
  9. I wouldn't be against getting back into the game. It gets a bit repetitive, but I like mindlessly killing monsters for a few hours at a time. My battletag is VagrantWolf#1237 if anyone wants to play, just send me a message when you see me online (I likely won't be in game unless someone messages me, though.
  10. The sad thing is, this has been suspected for years now. Even going back to SC1, people suspected high level games to be organized matches that we pre-determined when these "Pros" would make VERY rookie mistakes, costing them thousands of dollars, and them not being upset by it.
  11. Alright guys, it is two weeks until game day! This is the time to REALLY drive those campaigns, making sure everyone you know of knows about your fundraising. Here are just a few tips and pointers for bringing in those donations during your streams: 1. Social Media! This is the obvious one, and one I shouldn't have to say. This is the 21st century, and although we don't have all the technology of Marty McFly, we DO have the world at our fingertips. Use social networking to your advantage! Post on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Myspace, whatever medium you should use, and there is a EXPONENTIALLY greater chance that you will drive those donations! 2. Recognition! Even if a donation is but a few dollars, remember to THANK THOSE PEOPLE! In today's world, parting with money is hard, even if it's for a good cause. We work hard for our money, and sometimes money gets tight. If someone is strapped for cash but only donated even but $1, remember that a single dollar to them may mean so much more than it may mean to you. If you head over to, they have LOTS of tricks for your streams to make sure you see every donation that comes in, and thank that person when those donations come in, even if they donate anonymously. Other people watching are more likely to donate to you if you are genuinely grateful for the donations coming in! 3. Be healthy! It's difficult to game for 24 hours, we all know this. Make sure to take 5-10 minutes here and there, and let your viewers know. Update your streams title when you do so people don't just think you left if they come to visit you while you step away. Make sure to eat, too. Not junk food, either. Drink more water than you do energy drinks/soda; instead of chips, snack on a yogurt, or an apple. Remember, we are trying to portray a healthy environment for kids and for possible Extra Lifers in the future. If you have any questions about setting up your streams, or if you are looking for people to stream with, reach out on the forums! You would be surprised how many people have reached out to me to see if they can pair up with someone else to stream, and yet I don't see any posts about it. All you have to do is ask, and others will accommodate you! Alright guys, have a great next few weeks, and I look forward to seeing your guys efforts on Game Day! Kyle Sawdy President, Cincinnati Extra Life Guild (Cell Games)
  12. Excellent! I am excited to see everyone and get everyone ready and set up for their marathons!
  13. If you are interested in going, Johnny, just let me know. It's a bit late to get any booth space, but I have plenty of recruitment fliers and pamphlets available that Cincinnati Children's provided me. Do you have an extra life shirt? If not I can get you one. Let me know what you need to succeed! Thanks!
  14. Hey AIC! Feel free to send me his contact information, and I will reach out to him. Thanks!
  15. Hey Cincinnati Guild! Kyle here, and I just wanted to give you guys an update on the status of the guild and some events that we are working on. THE STREAM! : Obviously, this is something we are all planning towards. The leadership team is working with our contact at Cincinnati Children's Hospital to organize an event where we can get together for a morale boost before hand. I know I for one am VERY excited for the marathon. Some great games are going to be coming out shortly before the stream, so it is going to be PERFECT for driving some traffic for our streams! MEETINGS! : Our consistency with meetings has not been super great, with either us holding meetings and people not showing up, or people wanting them and us not holding them when it is convenient for people. We are working on standardizing the meetings, such as the first Saturday of each month or something of the like. We want to start driving activity more and more. I am sure plenty of us would be more active in the guild if we just got out and found more people to play with! SWAG! : Ok, maybe not swag in the traditional sense, but our liaison at Children's Hospital is working on getting the Guild some of the fancy banners and table drapes that other guilds have. Honestly, that will DRASTICALLY increase our presence at conventions. I have worked a number of conventions in the past months trying to drive the word about Extra Life, and there just isn't anything the draws people to a guy standing around with flyers at a convention where people give out free things all the time. These are just a few things that we are working on. We want to have a large get together before the marathon to drive the morale THROUGH THE ROOF! This is going to be a GREAT YEAR for Extra Life, and for Cincinnati Children's Hospital! It's never too early to start letting your friends and family know about your marathon. If you have friends of people that are interested in joining us in hosting the marathon, get them to sign up! We can always use more hands on deck; the more the merrier! -Can't host the marathon because you don't have the means? Reach out to the guild! With Smash Bros having been released this year, I am sure there are people out there that might be interested in setting up a group stream for 24 hours. -Have the means, but just don't know how to set up a stream? Ask questions! We have lots of resources here in the Cincinnati Guild for tech people that are willing to help you set up your stream to be perfect! -Have a great idea for a stream or a future event? LET US KNOW! I will update you all when we have a date planned for the next meeting! Until then, stay awesome!
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