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  1. DMo2TheMax

    PAX East


    I am available Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can put me where you need me!
  2. until

    Works for me
  3. DMo2TheMax

    Anime Boston 2018


    I can be there whenever! Put me down where you need me
  4. until

    You can put me down for either day, whatever needs to be filled ?
  5. DMo2TheMax

    Fall SuperMegaFest


    I can do Sunday morning
  6. DMo2TheMax

    Wachusett KidsFest

    So, this is a different type of event for us, which is exciting! New faces and a different crowd and it is all about the kids!! This is the 27th Kidsfest event at Wachusett Mountain and it brings in a A LOT of people, over the weekend. This is a two day event, Saturday and Sunday, both days 10am-5pm. They gave us two vendor passes and two admissions tickets.
  7. @ArcticFlamingo The meeting is still happening! Hope everyone who is interested can make it! We also have a facebook page for the guild
  8. Hey all! If you are in the Central Massachusetts area and have not been able to make it out to our monthly Boston meetings, get ready for this! We will have our first satellite meeting, in Worcester, on September 6th! It will be at: Clearly Working Co. 474 Grove Street Worcester, Ma Parking and entrance in the rear! We will have the Clark Room from 6:30 to 7:30! Spread the word and let me know if you plan on attending! All is Welcome!
  9. until

    @stodd.ELBoston You can put me in for that whole day, make an adventure out of it!
  10. I am late to the Party! Facebook Instagram Battlenet: DMax#1164 Steam: DMo2TheMax
  11. until

    You can put me in for either day, all day if needed!
  12. until

    I am available all Day for this. Let me know what time you are planning to get there Friday night, I can head out right after work.
  13. DMo2TheMax

    Anime Boston


    Any time Saturday for me!
  14. until

    I know I already texted you, but put me down for Saturday!
  15. DMo2TheMax

    PAX East


    No, I will bring the coffee!
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