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  1. Figured I'd throw mine back up since I just started migrating everything to branded pages. twitch.tv/xreadphnxx @xreadphnxx on twitter.
  2. I've noticed that my number of viewers will spike if I'm doing something of interest and have a good title for that nights stream. Recently we ran the new raid in destiny and I made sure that was front and center in the title. Since the new raid has been out less than a week people are watching streams trying to learn the mechanics of it. My biggest issue right now is that I'm using the Xbox twitch app which doesn't allow team chat to be broadcast so viewers only hear my side of the conversation. If I want to keep it interesting I have to practically narrate what we are doing which hogs mic time and can drive other players a little batty. Hopefully when hen I get my elgato and can stream everyone's voice it will be much more interesting.
  3. I got involved with extra life because of the posts made on the app and the forums. Is the con an official bungie event or a fan thing?
  4. Jason Imboden here. Can't wait to get this rolling. Looking forward to showing everyone why St. Louis is a great city for a guild!
  5. I'm going to have to steal this idea. Horror games scare me to death and I, on occasion, have been known to scream like a small child while playing them. I've got a feeling my friends and family are sadistic enough to keep donating just to see if they can make me cry. So much for the tough bearded biker image.
  6. Ya, It's a common complaint with the xbox one from streamers. The party chat audio will only come through the HDMI cable if you don't use a headset. You can get around this by using a powered line splitter with your headset plugged into that and playing all game audio through your headset.
  7. I'm going with the older elgato. I don't know many people who watch twitch in 1080p and I'm not sure I've got the bandwidth to play a game and stream 1080p. I'm still working out the party voice chat mess, that was my biggest complaint about the stream last year. Everyone watching can hear me talking but the xbox doesn't allow for streaming of your party members voice chat. So everyone watching was getting one side of the conversation. Hopefully I'll have everything set up and ready to start streaming at the end of next month.
  8. Last year I used the xbox one built in streaming feature. This year I'm going to use and elgato capture card and run that to my laptop and stream using xsplit. That way I can add some customization to my stream. Last year it was more of a "Hey, if you donated to me and can't sleep come watch me curse at small children online". This year I'm hoping to actually pull in some donations from it.
  9. Ya, that might not be a bad idea for next year. I see Bakersfield, CA has a team and they're on the front page for team donations right now. Maybe next year a St. Louis team could top the charts.
  10. it's the same as my username on here. xReadPHNXx
  11. My son is 5 now but I remember that first year. Gaming time was at a premium and so was sleep. Last year for our 24 hours stream I actually went to one of our teammates house and played there. That way I wouldn't have my son popping his head in and asking me to stop streaming and play minecraft and I avoided the wrath of my wife by going somewhere else to be loud at 2am.
  12. Are you part of an Extra Life team? Awesome post your teams info. If you're not, and you are looking to become part of a team this might be a great place to find one. I'll kick it off. My team's name is Team Leeroy Jenkins. Last year was our first year participating and we had a blast. It was just me and two friends who found out about extra life from the Destiny forums and decided it would be fun to play games for 24 hours. We didn't do too bad for only having about 5 or 6 weeks to fund raise but this year we're aiming higher. We're bumping our goal from $600 to $5000 and looking to get 10 or 15 people involved. So far we have 3 new team members and I'm trying to get a few of the guys I play D&D with to commit to joining.
  13. Archon is Oct. 2nd - 4th at the Gateway center in Collinsville, IL.
  14. Hi, I'm Jason. I play xbox one and pen and paper RPG's. I'm from Troy, IL but spend time in St. Louis. I've also got a twitch stream that's lacking. I mainly created it to live stream last years extra life. I'm currently working on getting things together so I can live stream through my computer and not the xbox one twitch app. My GT is the same as my forum name so feel free to add me. I mainly play destiny, BF4, and NHL 15.
  15. Awesome. Thanks for keeping us all up to date on these events.
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