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  1. I used facebook and generous family and friends for my fundraising in 2015. I know Ill have to branch out this year though, and an email list sounds Awesome. I also operated a special for my business that included a coupon code if someone donated more that $20 to my page.
  2. Name: Sheri Alias: Dannamai, which was my first DnD character Neighborhood: Westside, over by Chaffee and I-10 Gaming Extra Life Fundraising Page: Sheri Wurth Extra Life Team Page: Extra Life Jax Stream: Dannamai Mostly play tabletop games. Card, board, dice, rpgs. Social Media Facebook: Sheri
  3. Im going to be heading out there Friday morning to help with setup. I have a few metal folding chairs, two card tables, and will bring board/card games and a few other things Mandie and I discussed. I will also bring candy. Because. I may also have a giant jenga done in time, but we will see. Also, its Sheri. Lol.
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