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  1. I think you should do "by March 28th" since Feb was already partially over.
  2. Filled it out, thank you for the head's up!
  3. Nordonia Hills was the one doing the live-action Pac-Man event.
  4. I noticed a lot of local libraries have gaming related "events" fairly often. These are generally more aimed at teens, but I think if we could at least get flyers to some of these it would be easily sold to the parents as a way to get kids involved with doing charitable things. I've already reached out to one library that is having a "Geeks who game" event and hopefully will get some response from them. There was another that was having a live-action Pac-Man night, but it was in two days so I didn't want to hit them up last minute.
  5. I've also seen this on a couple of our guild member's tweets lately.
  6. I did pretty well this year and I did a few things differently than I have in the past that I think attributed to it. 1) Stream if you can. My PC isn't good enough to stream some games, and I don't have a camera on the Xbox, so I stuck strictly to PS4 games so I could stream everything as well as have video/audio. I think this helped because people are able to tune in, see you, and hear you talk about why you're doing what you're doing. 2) Have something going on that's entertaining if possible. Part way through my stream my girlfriend came home with a Nerf bow and arrow so I rolled with it and for every $5 someone donated she got to shoot me in the face with it on stream. At this point donations really started rolling in. 3) Just keep pushing it. The more you explain why you're doing what you're doing the more likely people are to feel obliged to give.
  7. Our main focus at this month's meeting was just to brainstorm ideas on how we can do even better this year. This can include businesses to approach about partnering with, events we should be present at, or even general ideas to help each other have a more successful game day! Feel free to post anything and everything you've got!
  8. until
    We're finally going to 16-Bit Bar and Arcade to play some video games, drink, and celebrate our first year as an Extra Life Guild. All are welcome!
  9. If my PC could handle it I'd be down. Had to resort to getting it for the PS4.
  10. OK just checking because I have a L I could probably spare if someone needed one before we did another run.
  11. What size do you wear @gvelive?
  12. I know @StowPro was interested in something like a toy drive at one point.
  13. Yea 2008 is the only year I'm not sure because I didn't participate that year.
  14. So long story short we found this Extra Life shirt at our local Goodwill store. I've been doing Extra Life for 7 years and I've seen the shirt from all 7 of those years, but don't remember ever seeing this design. We talked about it at the event we did this weekend and no one there recognized it either. So we figured we'd ask you guys. Anyone know where this shirt came from (I'm the one in the blue)?
  15. After getting rained out for our August social event I'm excited to announce our event for September: Extra Life Social Night - Malted Meeple Where: The Malted Meeple When: Saturday September 17th - 7 PM - 2 AM What: Come join us for a night of playing board games, drinking milkshakes (or beer), and having fun with your fellow Extra Lifers. Also this is Extra Life's Board Game Appreciated Weekend, so the Meeple will be running a theme to celebrate that weekend. We'd like to use this to our advantage so please feel free to let all of your friends know they are more than welcome to come out and join us and also learn about Extra Life and the guild if they don't already know. Hope to see you there!
  16. until
    Just about everyone has requested a social night at the Meeple AND it's board game appreciation weekend, so please join us September 17th @ 7:00 PM at the Malted Meeple in Hudson for a night of board games, milkshakes, and beer! Also as this is during an Extra Life promotional weekend, please feel free to invite your friends who like to game as well. All are welcome.
  17. *bump* This is happening this Wednesday, hope to see everyone there!
  18. Here is the tablecloth in case you guys haven't seen it.
  19. Alissa Generally works till 1ish on weekends, so she should be able to do the 2-4.
  20. I've joined a couple of local Pokemon groups on Facebook and we could try and hit local "talk of the town" type facebook groups as well. If we can convince businesses that it will mean extra foot traffic for them as well they might be willing to post on social media for us as well.
  21. I looked last night and our best thing might be to do downtown Akron. We could go and reach out to the businesses on Main St. and let them know in case they wanted to put signs out or anything and maybe find a spot that we'd be able to set up a booth or two.
  22. Do people sponsor you (like X number of dollars per mile) or do they just donate from somewhere based on how much mileage a charity gets?
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